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Xiaomi Mi2 vs SAMSUNG Galaxy S III vs HTC ONE X vs Meizu MX

More and more smartphone equiped quad-core processor, they are flagship phone of different brand. So which is your best choice? Maybe it is a difficult question, but when put them together and compare the main specs and price, the answer is clear.

Xiaomi Mi2 vs SAMSUNG Galaxy S III vs HTC ONE X vs Meizu MX

  Xiaomi Mi2 Samsung Galaxy S III HTC ONE X Meizu MX
System MIUI(Android 4.1) Android 4.0 Android 4.0 Flyme(Android 4.0)
CPU Qualcomm APQ8064 Samsung Exynos 4412 Nvidia Tegra3 Samsung Exynos 4412
CPU Frequency Quad-core 1.5GHz Quad-core 1.4GHz Quad-core 1.5GHz Quad-core 1.4GHz
GPU Adreno 320 Mali-400 MP GeForce ULP Mali-400 MP
ROM 16GB 16GB 32GB 32GB
Micro SD 64GB 64GB No No
Screen Size 4.3 Inch 4.8 Inch 4.7 Inch 4 Inch
Screen Style IPS Super AMOLED SLCD2 ASV
Display 1280*720 pixel 1280*720 pixel 1280*720 pixel 960*640 Pixel
SIM Card Standard SIM Micro-SIM Micro-SIM Micro-SIM
Rear Camera 8MP-27mm-F2.0 8MP-28mm-F2.6 8MP-28mm-F2.0 8MP-28mm-F2.2
Front Camera 2MP-28mm 1.9MP 1.3MP 0.3MP
Battery 2000mAh 2100mAh 1800mAh 1700mAh
Dimension 126*62*10.2mm 136*70.6*8.6mm 134.3*69.9*8.9mm 121.3*63.3*10.3mm
Weight 145g 133g 130g 139g
Price RMB1999($317) $749.99(Bestbuy) $629.99(Bestbuy) RMB2999($476)



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  • jaffakran

    xiamomi is actually great

  • Abdulhadi Alajmi

    are you sure of
    Micro SD in xiaomi mi2 ???

    • thedarkroomalive

      doesnt have micro sd slot

  • MaDDoX

    i want this phoneeeeeeeeeeeeeee soooooooo bad (mi2)