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Goophone I5
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Goophone I5 Will Come At End Of November

In my opinion, the Goophone I5 will be the best iPhone 5 clone so far when I have seen the phone, it is almost...
Goophone I5 box
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Goophone I5 Packing Box Pictures Leaked

Goophone I5 is released a month ago, but buyers have waited too long for this phone. Today, the phone’s packing box is leaked at official...
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Yuandao N90S, 9.7 inches dual-core Android tablet

While Apple iPad Mini has been launch on the selected market, but the original iPad with 9,7-inch screen size is still exist, because the...
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Picture and Video of ZTE Grand X LTE Android smartphone

ZTE Grand X LTE is the first first single-chip LTE handset from ZTE. Coming with a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 8-megapixel rear camera and Ice...
Lenovo LePad A2207

Lenovo launched 7-inch 3G tablet: Lenovo LePad A2207

After Lenovo celebrating 20 years their ThinkPad line, it’s now time for the biggest Chinese computer manufacturer to show more products, the one of...
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Vivo X1 is becoming the world thinnest smartphone with only 6.55mm thin

While some smartphone manufacturer claim they has built the thinnest phone, and some manufacturer ready to compare their product with Apple iPone 5 body...
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360 Qihoo Uniscope Small C smartphone ready to compete in Android smartphone market

While Android platform is becoming more popular, the Chinesse software company 360 Qihoo is ready to join to Android market, after 360 Qihoo partnered...
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Samsung Galaxy Note II accesories spread in Hong Kong

After Apple iPad Mini and iPhone 5 accessories spread in Chinese market, its’s now we have Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 accessories spread in...
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The picture of new Lenovo P770 smartphone similar with Lenovo K860

Today we’ve ever release a new rumors about Lenovo P770 smartphone without a detailed picture, and now we have a picture of those phone.
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The new ZTE Nubia smartphone, packs with 5-inch screen size

While we’ve covered the news about the new ZTE smartphone, today ZTE has been unveiled their new 5-inch smartphone, the phone is packs with...