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Xiaomi release 50,000 unit Xiaomi smartphone today

by Rosgani 41 views3

After we’ve telling you before, today Xiaomi has been released 50,000 unit Xiaomi MI2 smartphone. This is first round for official sale from Xiaomi 2 genereation.

If you can’t grab Xiaomi smartphone for today, there are also second round release from Xiaomi on mid-November and they ready to providing 250,000 unit Xiaomi smartphone. The price of the 16GB version is 1,999 yuan, while 32GB version has the price of 2,299 yuan.

Xiaomi 2 generation is equipped with a 4.3-inch 720p touchscreen (Sharp supplies, 342 ppi), which uses a narrow border design (only 3.9mm borders), and powered by  Qualcomm APQ 8064 quad-core CPU, built-in 2GB of RAM and 16GB (or 32GB version) of storage. There is 8 megapixel main camera, and running Android 4.1-based operating system with MIUI interface.

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  • Steve

    Very frustrating process indeed. I clicked on “make appointment” on october 26rd 12:00, it said something like “thank you, Steve” then I though I will receive email with a link or maybe special link in the member area of xiaomi website… well not sure,… today I clicked on “snap it” button right at 12:00 too and keep clicking, but each time link had no response, and died on me. white page. then 2min51 later, nice window shows up, “sorry, all sold out” …
    Am I missing something ? anyone understand how this pre-order/pre-sale works ?

  • ghh

    sold out in few minutes. why not release 10 million units. :c

  • anonymous

    the sales method is completely retarded; not a good way to treat those trying to buy their phones