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Goophone I5 officially announced for release from 12.12 to 12.14

by Shine Wong 4

Yes! You heard it right the Goophone I5 world’s most anticipated iPhone 5 clone… announced before the iPhone 5, but ironically  it should release ,according to their website page (, this month from the 12-14. Let’s hope they are right as we have been waiting months for this android phone. The Goophone I5 is available for pre-order at for 249.99$ US a cheap price if you compare it to the actual iPhone 5 with a price tag of 699.99$US

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  • Aaron

    finally 🙂

  • Nebsif

    So the current GooPhone’s are fake clones of a clone phone what?

  • neil

    I want to order one. who is the most reliable seller to order from. im from the uk

  • Anton Mikhailov

    Can you let me know, please, when you’ll receive your device? I’ve got mine already but have some issues… So your help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.