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Xiaomi MI 3 will use NVIDIA Tegra Quad Core chipset

by Rosgani 3


While the Xiaomi MI 2 smartphone has been launched before, is now we have a circulating the latest rumors from the next generation of the Xiaomi smartphone. The Xiaomi will release the new Xiaomi MI 3  smartphone soon.

Based on rumors, the new Xiaomi MI3 will use NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 chipset, LTE connectivity and packs with 4.5-inch screen size that will probably released in mid-2013.

Tegra 4 CPU is a quad core Cortex A15 CPU wich has clock speed between 1.8Ghz  to 2 GHz and sports with 2.5 GB of memory.

The display of MI-3 possibilities made by JDI (Japan Display Corpration) and will likely have a Full HD screen capability. While the Xiaomi Mi 3 will be packs with 12 megapixel camera sensor.

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  • tyu

    i doubt it. qualcomm has big stakes in xiaomi company. mi-3 is very likely to use next-gen snapdragon chip..

  • aegis

    Great, when the MI 3 is released, people will finally get their MI 2 which they ordered like 6 months ago.

    • ggh

      yes, rediculous. they think they’re hot. should look around em many phones are better then theirs with similar price..