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Ramos W30HD Quad-core Android tablet available this month

by Rosgani 3


Ramos is the one of Chinese manufacturer which always built luxurious tablet and now they will be launch their new tablet Ramos W30HD. This is an upgrade version from W30 series but this new tablet packed with 1920 × 1200 Full HD resolution display and powered by quad-core chipset.

Ramos W30HD is packed with 1920 × 1200 resolution is a very useful, it is not only beyond the number of full high-definition screen resolution, but also to meet the user point-to-point to enjoy the highest resolution (1080P) video. At the same time, that Ramos W30HD sports with 32GB internal storage and 2GB of RAM.

The Ramos W30HD powered by Quad-core processor Samsung Exynos 4412 whih bring powerful sufficient computing, based on A9 quad-core chipset from Samsung Orion 4412′s performance is full advantage of the industry’s mainstream quad-core high-frequency with Mali-400 GPU offers compatibility with 3D games.


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  • Louis

    No info about SD card support and price yet ?
    1 more thing, what’s the differences between Mali-400 GPU used in this device and Mali-400MP used in SSG S3 ?

    • Tim

      Its the Same GPU maybe the frequences are a little bit different, but its the same!

  • Jay

    What are the top of the lines must have Tablets to own? Im so confused
    as for which Tablets to purchase. Please help me out with some Tables to
    consider.. Thank you!