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Apple iPhone 5 vulnerable to bend

by Rosgani 3


Is very bad story for Apple fans while we have ever covered this news before, and now we found the new case of Apple iPhone 5 body is bend, yess this is the bad news since Apple using a casing body vulnerable to bend, sigh 🙁

As one of the most popular gadgets, the iPhone 5 turns as the Apple’s latest smartphone more vulnerable crooked / bend than the previous-generation iPhone products.

Apple make the iPhone 5 with a longer size than the previous generation iPhone. In addition it is also thinner body. Secondly it is suspected to be the source why the iPhone 5 is more easily bent than the previous generation iPhone. Even so, despite the crooked turns iPhone 5 still live and operate as shown in the pictures below:

This problem is emerge in some country. One of the most commonly found problems exist in China. So, be careful when carrying long, thin handsets like the iPhone 5. For a while now, we don’t heard from Apple’s response yet according this issue.


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  • craigs

    So how did the case of the Ihone bend without breaking the glass front panel? Photoshopped.

    • József Király

      No actually it is not shopped. The iPhone 5 is equipped with Gorilla Glass front panel, and that technology is extremely resistant against twisting, bending, and of course, any other physical damage. So no, it is quite possible for the iPhone 5 to bend like that (unlike for the 4, what had a simple glass pane, what is easily broken by such effect).

  • bendiphone

    The Gorilla glass is a flexible glass and so are the iBender low grade “high class” aluminium body LOL Just google “bent iPhone 5” for more picture. iSheeps are idiot. Deal with it 😉