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Analyst says: iPhone Mini will be available on 2014

by Rosgani 2


The struggle for leadership in the growing smartphone market heats up between Samsung and Apple. One analyst even believe that in order to expand its market segment and increase the volume of sales, Apple will ready to unveiled the iPhone Mini.

This was done so that Apple could reach more consumers, especially those who could not afford an iPhone. At least this is the opinion from Startegy Analytics, Neil Mawston.

Samsung is reported to have a winner in the fight and possibly win the smartphone will continue in 2013. Mawston predicts this year, Samsung will sell as many as 290 million smartphones, while Apple is below the 180 million iPhones. Since playing in various segment, the Samsung is able to beat Apple.

Well, to fight back, it is believed that Apple will make the iPhone Mini as a ‘weapon’ seize the leadership of Samsung. As the name implies, the iPhone Mini will have a smaller size and of course with a more lower price. The arrival of iPhone Mini will be launch on 2014.

Another case opinion came from Peter Misek. He believes that the iPhone Mini is will pitch this year with an estimated price of USD 200-250.

Beyond the issue of the iPhone Mini, Apple-Samsung battle in 2013 is still interesting to note. Moreover, rumor has it, each faction was preparing champion respectively.

If the forecast is preparing Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple is also reportedly ready to built the new iPhone 5S. And the war not finish!

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  • Dave Weinstein

    Wow. This is like watching a car crash in slow motion!

    In what universe is making a SMALLER iPhone a good idea??? Apple has been resorting to name calling as their only weapon for not having a LARGER screen on their phones.

    The only thing that even remotely makes sense is that Apple needs an excuse to cheapen the screen, cost reduce the processor, and reduce the memory, all as a way to reduce the cost while maintaining their sky high margins.

    Apple’s fight against large screens was Steve Jobs’ crusade. Sticking with it in the face of overwhelming evidence seems to scream one thing to me, “Think Different”.

  • werner333

    It already exists. It is called the iPhone 4/4s