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HTC claims that the HTC One much better than Samsung Galaxy S IV

by Rosgani 8

HTC One Alumunium Body

Samsung has been launching their new flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S 4. And, the launch of the new phone was clear to grip other Android phone makers. No exception HTC which is currently experiencing a decline in popularity.

Through the HTC Chief Marketing Officer, Ben Ho, HTC considers that the HTC One has a better quality than the Galaxy S IV.

He considers that the use of a body made of plastic material shows that cheap stuff. Much compared to HTC One who appeared very elegance with premium aluminum unibody design.

Furthermore, Ben Ho said that HTC is the best option for consumers who want to find a high quality phone. HTC mobile phone design is unique compared to other smartphone on the market today.

So, what do you  think?

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  • Ben Liu

    These comments along with their tweets during the opening event says one thing: “Loser’s whinge!!”

  • Dave Weinstein

    Do you REALLY want to know what I think? HTC is as bad as Apple. They’re like the “screen” police, tut-tutting us and refusing to offer us screens that are large enough.

    Are they blind? Can’t they see that the market wants 5.5″ and bigger displays? Why the miniscule 4.7″ screen. Do they have a pathological need to tease us? Or do they just NOT understand their customers?

    • DJ Set

      I hope you are kidding. Just get a damn tablet, I don’t want to carry 5″+ screen in my pocket. The market wants new innovations, be it design or new software features and last but not least improved battery. The battle about new hardware ends this year or next year, since it is useless to put 8 core cpus into a mobile phone. HTC did a really great job designing the One with full aluminium body and stereo sound, while the Samsung came out in the same old and boring design using plastic and for the most part useless software features, noone would use anyway.

    • Birmingham

      Now everyone is a giant like you Mr. Dave Weinstein.

  • vasendak

    As much as I love HTC and all they’ve done for the smartphone world, I think currently Samsung is the real innovator – using great hardware but also stressing great importance on software functionalities. HTC should acknowledge the Galaxy S IV is decent rival. And I am sure it will sell better than the HTC One. Just like the Galaxy s III was the most sold phone.

    • Birmingham

      That’s because they have their marketing campaign. Without it, they would just be like Sony and HTC.

  • Eduardo Melo

    The fallacy of composition arises when one infers that something is true of the whole from the fact that it is true of some part of the whole (or even of every proper part). Body, O.S., processor, screen are just parts. The whole thing must be evaluted. Galaxy S IV is better.

    • Cranky

      Even with the whole thing evaluated, I still prefer the HTC One. Having held both phones, the HTC feels a lot more premium and solid in hand, and it looks better too. TouchWiz didn’t include any new fresh features like Sense, and the features of the Galaxy S4 are rather gimmicky. They’ve innovated more than Samsung this time, bringing things to a whole new level with Ultrapixels, Zoe, huge front speakers and design.