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Giveaway FAEA F1

by Shine Wong 17


So finally another giveaway on Gizmochina’s website.

The rules are simple and stated in the video:

-Comment only ONCE
-You need to subscribe!
Good Luck!

Here is the linK!

Giveaway! (FAEA F1) World’s cheapest NFC phone @anexonelhpla

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  • teja

    where is the video man ? and what to subscribe !!

  • Demetrio

    I’m not sure, as for teja: can you better explain what do we have to do?

    • teja

      previously vidoe link was missing … so i asked where is the video . i got the youtube link and subscribed thank u .

  • thunderlord Igor Studnikov

    So, winner will be chosen at random?

  • empy05

    What do I subscribe to? Would love to win! 😉

  • Usman

    what do i need to subscribe? twitter? or facebook?

  • Qidamin

    nice, thank you!

  • Eduardo


  • Creationsh


  • Jáchym Šlik


  • SO


    You are fraud…
    It’s scam giveaway

  • blogspider

    giveaway that nobody wins 🙁

  • דניאל בר-דגן

    I so wont to win!!!

  • Nam Tu

    Great ! I am waiting :D.

  • Владимир Чуркин

    Very nice!

  • aegis

    nice phone.

  • procoder

    cool phone.