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Zopo ZP998 Android smartphone with true eight-core processor

by Rosgani 1


After we’ve compare the Goophone N3 with the Zopo ZP998 is now we have a list of specs of Zopo ZP998 Android smartphone, this phone is packs with 5,5 inch screen size and available in two color option, black or white cover.

As we mentioned on the title of this article, this phone is powered by MediaTek MT6592 true eight-core processor. And the phone has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage while the phone is also has 13 megapixel main caemra and 5 megapixel front-facing camera. Here are the list of picture abit the detail of Zopo ZP998 Android samrtphone.

10967113273_6764978e75 ZOPO_ZP998_MT6592_2GB_RAM_32GB_ROM_5.5inch_IPS_FHD_14_MP_Camera_Android_Phone_6 ZOPO_ZP998_MT6592_2GB_RAM_32GB_ROM_5.5inch_IPS_FHD_14_MP_Camera_Android_Phone_5 ZOPO_ZP998_MT6592_2GB_RAM_32GB_ROM_5.5inch_IPS_FHD_14_MP_Camera_Android_Phone_4 ZOPO_ZP998_MT6592_2GB_RAM_32GB_ROM_5.5inch_IPS_FHD_14_MP_Camera_Android_Phone_3 ZOPO_ZP998_MT6592_2GB_RAM_32GB_ROM_5.5inch_IPS_FHD_14_MP_Camera_Android_Phone_2 ZOPO_ZP998_MT6592_2GB_RAM_32GB_ROM_5.5inch_IPS_FHD_14_MP_Camera_Android_Phone_1 08 07 06 04 03 2_11


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  • lasslax

    You say 5,7 inch in the ingress, but it is only 5,5 in reality.
    Also the WCDMA frequencies are a subject to question. I think you are wrong there as well.
    And that many of us are interested in, if the device does support GLONASS is left unanswered, as well as wireless charging.

    Can you shed some light over this, or you just copy what others found out somewhere else?