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Xiaomi is ready to going global and preparing domain for it’s website

by Rosgani 0


What is the relationship between ready to go international to buy an internet domain? The Chinese company is now going to rise, Xiaomi, previously reported wants to expand their marketing to ten countries. Therefore they try to make the good effort to be accepted internationally.

The Xiaomi Executive for Global, Hugo Barra, has buy the Internet domain, not as  before.

Although it looks simple, this step is quite expensive. Xiaomi to pay $3.6 million USD for the domain. The reason is simple, people who do not speak Mandarin are usually difficult to read “xiao”, sometimes like to read as “sao”, whereas the correct pronunciation is “si-aw”. Mi, on the other hand is much easier, especially Xiaomi products using the name as Redmi, MIUI and Mi Wi-Fi.

Purchase domain has become the most expensive purchase this year, exceeding the number $3.1 USD. Domain most expensive of all time is the behavior of $35 million USD, followed by and