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Huawei launches the Honor 6, Honor 3C China Telecom Edition, Honor Cube, and Honor TalkBand

by Frank Tu 0

Huawei had previously implied that they would release five new products tonight. Other than the Honor 6, what else are they going to launch?

Today, Huawei’s vice-CEO, Yu Chengdong, posted a message saying that beside the Honor 6, they are still preparing the Honor 3C China Telecom Edition, Honor Cube, and Honor TalkBand. The latter two have already been introduced to the public. Tonight, Huawei will reveal what their prices and release dates are. As of now, they have not announced what the fifth product will be.

Based on information that has been released so far, the Honor 6 sports a 5-inch 1080p screen, a 5mP/13mP dual-camera, and 3GB memory. It supports 4G internet and was supposed Huawei’s newest chipset, the Kirin 920, but due to recent circumstances, it looks lik they will use a Snapdragon processor.s_23979c7802164cc09da0b3d76ad96e11