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Goophone did it again! Goophone i6(Iphone6 Clone) Will Be Available at 1st August.

by Frank Tu 2

Coophone, one of the best Chinese counterfeiters,is going to unveil “Iphone6”(Coophone i6) before Apple ,by using the same model as the real Iphone6.Coophone i6 have 4.7 inch screen and what makes it different from the other copycat phone is that it have its own logo ——a cute bee .Counting it as an innovation and progress,we can see Coophone is doing its best in the Chinese counterfeiters market.

goophone i6

And Coophone will unveil this phone at 1st August on and,which is two moths earlier than Apple (Apple unveil iPhone6 at September 25th).We must admire the hardworking of Goophone! If Coophone i6 and Iphone 6 looked just the same,how can we tell who is the “imitators”?!I don’t know how will Steve think about this.

Back in,people who like to have the first hand on “iPhone6” with limited budget would get benefit from this Goophone handset.

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  • Kukuruz

    You Chinese folks are funny…. You admire someone for copying someone else…. I will never understand why this is something that I should admire or respect when someone is simply stealing.

  • moo

    Mtk6582 and 1gb ram….wow,this is going to be earth shattering….well done too phone.