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Huawei vs. Xiaomi, ZTE loses

by Frank Tu 2


Huawei is a big enterprise with access to powerful technology while Xiaomi is better at marketing with a long and amazing background. Both are successful companies that have received lots of praise unlike ZTE, Coolpad, and Lenovo. The problem with ZTE is that it does not know how to market their products while Coolpad only makes low-end products and Lenovo is full of itself. Huawei’s strength lies in their ability to make great designs and strong processors, while Xiaomi’s lies in their ability to surprise everyone and have people flocking to them. Huawei uses sophisticated technology and produces devices with good craftsmanship, while Xiaomi only knows how to advertise to consumers. Their products are not actually built well. They also control the Antutu benchmark sites and the tech news media which they use to publish reports that are biased towards their products. If there is a Chinese brand that can conquer the international market, it’s Huawei.


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  • QuamarJamal

    Frank Tu is biased towards Huawei as xiaomi biased towards his products. Don’t justify anything man.

  • john

    Huawei makes excellent products