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Meizu to release Pro Edition of MX4 with Yun OS, enables payment by fingerprint

by Frank Tu 6

Although the MX4 has been launched, it cannot be called a flagship phone in the truest sense since it has a Pro edition.


Insiders revealed that a new version with the Yun OS will come out next month. This phone will be the result of a cooperation between Meizu and Alibaba. They also revealed that this phone supports payment by fingerprint. If this is true, then this should be the MX4 Pro since it supports fingerprint recognition.


Take not that Huawei has already introduced the Mate 7 which is the first cellphone to support fingerprint payment. Its scanner recognizes fingerprints when pressed. Meizu must be using the same formula.


The difference though is that the MX4 with the Yun OS will still use the Kirin 925 processor like the Mate 7. Why? Because according to reports, Huawei’s chip offers the best security settings for fingerprint payments.




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  • Flow

    The Meizu MX4 Pro will be using the Kirin 925 SoC? Are you sure?

    • Frank Tu

      Yes, I’m sure, they can’t keep using Samsung’s soC.

      • RomanosN

        Don’t hate me I own several Huawei Products with the latest being the Honor 6 but why can’t Meizu keep using Samsung Exynos? I can’t see your point there. Btw Kirin 920 is very good especially when we are talking about thermal management even after several minutes of gaming there was just a minimal heating.

        • Frank Tu

          Samsung is always charging too much, Meizu need to consider the ROI.

          • RomanosN

            Oh I thought you were referring to a technical reason not a business one. Thanks for the reply.

  • simon

    they should rather use snapdragon processor