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Meizu MX4 Pro vs. iPhone 6 Plus, Vivo X5, and HiFiMAN HM-901 sound quality comparison

by Frank Tu 12



Today, the we will compare the audio performance of the Meizu MX4 Pro with  other three devices: the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Vivo X5, and HiFiMAN HM-901. Like the Meizu MX4 Pro, the Vivo X5 uses ESS9018K2M and has been weel-received by audio enthusiasts, while the HiFiMAN HM-901 was mentioned at Meizu’s launch. This device is a flagship portable music player that uses two standard-level ESS9018 chips.

All three devices have their place in the market. The iPhone 6 Plus is the highest selling phone among them and has great sound quality. The Vivo X5 is the first HiFi cellphone brand there is and its first generation phone also has excellent sound quality. The HiFiMAN HM-901 is a portable music player that has always received the best praise for its sound quality.

Meizu MX4 Pro vs. iPhone 6 Plus 

       Although the iPhone 6 Plus does not support HiFI, it is still important to mention it due to it being the most popular cellphone around. Besides, its sound quality is pretty good too. It may not be the best, but it is far from the worst.

Whether it’s at mid- and high-frequency or low-frequency, the Meizu MX4 Pro has the edge over the iPhone which has not had any significant improvement when it comes to audio frequency.

Meizu MX4 Pro vs. the Vivo X5

Meizu is not the first company to use the ESS9018 K2M chip. It’s just that the Meizu MX4 Pro is the most well-known one right now. Furthermore, we cannot talk about the ESS9018 K2M without mentioning Vivo. I would even go as far as say that this chip is the reason why Vivo existed in the first place. Unfortunately, the writer on has the Vivo X5 which does not use the ESS9018 K2M chip, but the famous CS4398 chip. This chip is also a popular chip among HiFi manufacturers.

The Vivo X5 is not as different from the Meizu MX4 Pro as the iPhone 6 Plus. Its sound quality is certainly better than the iPhone. The main difference lies in the feeling you get when listening to them, and this really depends on the person.

The Meizu MX4 Pro’s audio sounds more at ease and natural, while Vivo’s is more modern and emphasises more on the performance at the three frequencies and has a grainy sound. The MX4 Pro’s audio sounds a bit more relaxing and has more feeling in it.

Meizu MX4 Pro vs. HiFiMAN HM-901

       First, let’s discuss the sound quality of both devices at low frequency. The bass is much better in the HM-901 than the MX4 Pro, especially when playing classical orchestra music. When it comes to human voices, the HiFiMAN also has the advantage. There is more emotion in the sound and it sounds like someone is actually singing or talking near you. Pop music fans may like this as it makes it sound as if their favorite singer is right there with them.

At a high frequency, there are not too many differences in the sound quality between the two devices. The HM-901’s audio, though, sounds more real and natural.



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  • riggs

    great article, thanks for sharing!

  • DC

    Still don’t get it, so you are saying the MX4 is on par with Vivo X5 but better than IPhone 6 but loses out in all departments to Hifiman?

    • Frank Tu

      Almost yes, because of the chip.

  • Mark

    thanks for sharing this Frank
    i have a question about the Meizu MX4 Pro,, more specifically the rear camera,, as i heard its the same rear camera found in the original mx4 ..but some others said that the camera of the pro version is much better,well, at least in video shooting ..i know the video shooting in mx4 support 4K & 1080p video both @30FPS..while on the pro version,, i heard alot about 100FPS.. i can assure it’s not a 4K video at 100fps,, but at least 1080p videos can be recorded @ double the frame rate of the 4K ( means 60 frame per second )..if u have used the mx4 pro or you can get your hands on one,, can you please confirm all the video shooting specs of it ? this is very important for me,,
    another question about the sound,, the sound quality you compared here ,,was it from headphone or loud speaker? is mx4 pro speaker very loud like the original mx4 but clearer? or the chip they used only improved the audio from headphones ? so the loud speaker still very loud as in mx4? please confirm Frank
    once again,, thank you for sharing this comparison with us
    best wished

    • Frank Tu

      Camera module is protected by Sapphire glass on Meizu MX4 pro, while it’s gorrila glass on Meizu MX4, Meizu MX4 Pro camera also has dual-tone flash and 100fps burst shooting mode. Sound quality is from headphone and mx4 pro’s speaker is very loud as mx4.

      • Mark

        Thank you for replying Frank
        actually i was asking you about the fps ( frames per second ) for video shooting in the mx4 pro,, most smart phones now can shoot 1080p @ 30 frame per second,, only few flagship devices from big brands can shoot same resolution or even higher like 4K ,,but with a higher frame rate for a smoother video’s ,,, 60 frames per second should be much smoother than 30 frames per second,, so my question is ,,can mx4 pro shoot 1080p video’s at 60 frame per second ?
        thank you

        • Frank Tu

          No, 1080p 30fps.

  • amirexpressir

    tnx for sharing such valuable comparison and Info

  • Venci

    nice article !

  • kazuhikoaikawa

    it would be better if you use Vivo X5 MAX to compare with Meizu MX4 Pro and HiFiMan HM 901, Vivo X5 MAX use ES9018, ES9601 and OPA1612 chip instead of CS4398 and MAX97220 from Vivo X5. In my opinion based on the spec, Vivo X5 MAX sound quality may be better than Meizu MX4 Pro and on par with HiFiMAN HM-901

  • Qasiner

    Meizu mx4PRO is better than all that, the hifiman is an ugly thing that’s not a smartphone, only for the audio is better, but i have a stereo a lot better than that, and don’t give about sound quality, that’s very good on meizu too, for all other, meizu is the best in the world, iphone 6 is a dual core, vivo is a 2gb ram and haven’t the resolution of meizu, the camera is the highest on the market… what remains to say?
    Oh yes, is economic and on Everbuying we can find it at 450€ and iphone 6plus costs around 850-1150€. a lot much, or not? 😛 At the end, this test on the sound quality is useless to choice a cellphone, thanks the same, you confirmed me that still doesn’t exist nothing better than meizu on market. Bye

  • Ted Barbaras

    I want to say MX4PRO is the best by far phone ive ever used. Buy it and save money! Great DEAL!!!