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Xiaomi Mi4 Black Edition Hands-on

by Frank Tu 4


Here, we take a look at the Xiaomi Mi4 Black Edition smartphone.


The Xiaomi Mi4 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU which has four Krait 400 cores (2.5GHz). It increases operating speed by 14% and offers stronger performance.DOOV L1

This phone’s GPU is the Adreno 330 which is API-supported, and uses OpenGL ES 3.0, OpenCL, Rederscript Compute, and FlexRender.


The Xiaomi Mi4 sports a SHARP/JDI display screen with a high color saturation. Whether you are browsing photos, watching videos, or using certain Apps, the colors in the screen are well-handled.


The Xiaomi Mi4 is 139.2mm long, 68.5mm wide, and 8.9mm thick. It sports a chassis that is made of stainless steel.DOOV L1

This phone sports a 8mp Sony front-facing camera.


The Xiaomi Mi4’s chassis, especially the black version’s, looks pretty good. On the upper right side of the front is an infrared sensor.


On the right side of the phone are the power and volume switches.


On the lower left corner is a Micro USB port.


Here is the speaker.


The Xiaomi MI4 sports a 13mp Sony rear-facing camera.


On the left side is a Micro-SIM slot.



Operating System


The Xiaomi Mi4 uses the new MIUI V6 OS.

41120587_1416475478521_1024x1024it 41120598_1416475489741_1024x1024it

The lock screen interface and the usual icons.

41120607_1416475502829_1024x1024it 41120626_1416475518389_1024x1024it

So far, this phone’s OS is the MIUI V6 1.2.0 KXDCNBJ (newest stable version) which is based on the Android 4.4.4.

41120638_1416475529377_1024x1024it 41120646_1416475542684_1024x1024it


The Xiaomi Mi4’s notification bar

41120704_1416475605997_1024x1024it 41120717_1416475622061_1024x1024it

The one we are reviewing is the 16GB version. After restoring it to factory settings, there is about 13.1GB left. For the regular user, 13.1GB is enough to do a lot of things, but for gamers, this might not be enough. They would be better off getting the 64GB version.


The MIUI V6’s phone call interface. Swipe your finger the icons upwards to receive and cut calls.

41120744_1416475645761_1024x1024it 41120748_1416475654904_1024x1024it 41120767_1416475705760_1024x1024it 41120768_1416475713994_1024x1024it 41120772_1416475724521_1024x1024it 41120774_1416475735630_1024x1024it 41120840_1416475816940_1024x1024itXiaomi 4 Black Edition

Benchmark Scores

The Xiami Mi4 Black Edition received a score of 43288 in the AnTuTU benchmark test, which is not really considered a lot now. It also received a 34255 in the Ludashi benchmark test. In the Ludashi HTML5 benchmark test, it received 25173. Finally, it received 10 points in the Ludashi capactive touch test.

Next is the Ludashi screen brightness test.


During the test, a little bright dot was spotted on the lower right side of the screen.


Here is a close-up of it on the green display.


To ensure that it was not just the test’s problem, the reviewer also tested the screen with the Antutu benchmark. The bright dot was still there. Hopefully, Xiaomi can better inspect their products next time.

It received 6681 in its 3D test.

41121032_1416476063006_1024x1024it 41121041_1416476075620_1024x1024it 41121052_1416476087765_1024x1024it


Here are some sample photos taken using the Xiaomi Mi4 black.

41121127_1416476168740_1024x1024it 41121111_1416476150795_1024x1024it 41121173_1416476210271_1024x1024it 41121160_1416476195670_1024x1024it 41121143_1416476183684_1024x1024it 41121184_1416476224399_1024x1024it



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  • Udo One

    Glossy backcover? Why they change?
    It looks much cheaper in my opinion and i think its a magnet for fingerprints now. Why Xiaomi?
    What did you think about the backcover Frank?
    Thx, Udo.

  • jure

    Did it really take them half a year to sort out the frame paint pealing off, and it still suffers from it?

  • Misto

    Damn, if this black version is still suffering from paint peeling then I have wasted my time waiting for it…Xiaomi haven’t been capable to fix that issue since phone’s release a few months ago. Moreover the back cover is horrible, I will buy another phone.

  • Ethos Evoss

    still thick as brick and STILL no LTE ? crap phone ! Vivo X5V BEST