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DEAL: Buy Meizu MX4 Pro at just $399!

by Joe 9

Meizu MX4 Pro is without doubt one of the best smartphones in the market. But as compared to other flagship devices, like the Xiaomi Mi4 or the OnePlus One, the MX4 Pro comes out very costly.

However, we recently spotted a deal on Gearbest which will get you almost $180 OFF the regular $570 price of the device.

According to, interested customers can buy Meizu MX4 Pro 16GB at just $399 and MX4 Pro 32GB at $439, which is the cheapest price we have seen for the device since its release.

We tried out their coupon on GearBest and it works just fine. So, if you were planning to buy a new flagship device, make sure you check out this deal.


We’ll try to bring the best offers for our readers from various online stores in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.


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  • Radek Bartko

    link does not work 🙁

    • Frank Tu

      It works at my end.

  • Darshil

    is it the international version (4.1.X.Xi) at 399$?

    • Frank Tu

      international, same as meizumart

      • Darshil

        i order and if get chinese version what am i supposed to do? i talked with gearbest live chat n they say its chinese version!

        • Frank Tu

          Their live chat girls are fools, they are just a bounch of pigs locked in a small room to chat with you : ) don’t even know gearbest is meizu’s official distributor. But google “gearbest review” I don’t recommend you to buy from them anyway.

  • DC

    In terms of audio performance which is better? Meizu MX4 PRO or Vivio Xplay?

  • is it available in India?

  • amazing smart phone.!