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Hands-on with Newman Smartphone with Innovative Fingerprint Scanner Design

by Linus 6

The Chinese manufacturer Newman, which is most likely unheard to you, has some interesting news as it has quite interesting device in its portfolio. The company just announced that they will soon launch their new device to the masses. The most interesting thing is that the device has a very innovative design of finger print scanner and the whole device. Also, the Newman device has Alibaba’s YunOS 3.0 pre-installed.


As you can see, the finger print scanner is located right below the camera sensor on the back. We have never seen this done before as the camera sensor is located at the left top corner of the device.


The smartphone comes in two colour options – white and black.


The device has a 5.5 inch Full-HD display with 5mp front and 13mp rear camera, which is accompanied by the dual tone dual LED flash. The front side looks a bit similar to the Xiaomi Mi4.

16-150320233138 16-150320233140-51

Another interesting feature, which seems to have made a comeback on this device from the early days of smartphones (or even feature phones) is the rotating wheel “flywheel” on the side of the phone. What it does is basically lets you scroll through the menus with your thumb without the need to touch the screen. It may sound a bit funny, why the manufacturer would put this outdated piece of hardware. However, Apple thinks the same way with their smartwach.

16-150320233139 16-150320233139-52

What is more, the finger print scanner is very high quality as it uses the same module as the Huawei Mate 7.


We are not yet informed about the hardware specs of this device yet as this is non-final unit. Pricing and availability is not yet disclosed either. Anyway, we think that these two design aspects are innovative and should attract some of the consumers attention, when the device is released officially to the public.

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  • Sirrr

    As I saying on an other site:

    “I still have a Newman N2. Decent hardware for
    that time, but the official support was dropped after a few month (stuck
    at 4.1), no sources for a decent ROM (even if there are still few
    enthusiasts trying there best to improve an ancient ROM), no customer service, no nothing. NO

    Closing by quoting other user: “a mistake I won’t repeat again”

  • Muhammad Yasir

    needs to be cheap!

    • Someone

      Who cares how ceap will it be ?
      They have poor support for their devices + they are lagging badly + they don’t give the source code.
      Since Newman N1 i say: “don’t buy phone who belongs to company that don’t want to give the source code”.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        thanks. i will stay away from this.

  • It has the same boxy shape as the Lenovo K900, one of the most unergonomic phones I’ve ever used because the sharp corners dig into your palm when you hold it.

  • user

    this wheel design was one of the most voted design of some exhibiion/competition in somewhere which I saw less than 3-5 months ago..interesting that newman had used this design..even the way they have capture 2 devices is just like the same as the design there offered