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We Welcome Your Complaints Against Chinese Smartphones

by Frank Tu 19

We know that Chinese gadgets may have some defects and often you don’t get a platform to share these problems with the manufacturers. However, we here at Gizmochina are offering a brand new program wherein we invite all those who are having some major issues with their Chinese smartphones to report it to us.


Yes, you can report your problems with a Chinese gadget by mailing to [email protected]. Please ensure that the complaint is in Microsoft Word format.

Please make sure that you send in all the details about the problem you are facing along with relevant screenshots and technical details. We want you to inform us as well as others what exactly is the problem faced by you. As a result, make sure that you give out as much relevant details as possible.

If your complaint turns out to be genuine and important, we will publish it directly on our website. Remember that the complaint report needs to be in perfect English and in an organized manner. This will ensure that everyone understands the problem easily.

What’s more, for every well written complaint with details, we will pay you between $10 – $50 for sharing it with us. So, make sure that you write your complaint perfectly before sending it to us. No payment will be made for unpublished complaints or posts that are not persuasive / informative.

So if you have something to report, please make sure you following the below guidelines to ensure that it gets published:

1. Make sure that your complaint is in English

2. It should be in an informative and article format. Also, send your complaints only in Microsoft Word.

3. Provide at least one screenshot / image of the defect / problem you are facing. More pictures are always welcomed as it will inform our readers your exact problem.

4. Provide as much details as possible about your problem. For example, if your camera has suddenly stopped working, you can mention if you had noticed any problems when you started using the device.

5. Please don’t send in fake  / false complaints. Don’t try to spoil the name of good manufacturers by sending in complaints that don’t exist. Believe me, if you do, we will soon find it out. Also, our readers are quite sharp, they will also help us find out the fake ones.


If you complaint is genuine and informative enough, we will publish it on our website to let everyone know about your problem.

Once again, make sure you send your complaint in Microsoft Word format to [email protected].

Here is one of the complaint article we are looking for and would love to pay for :




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  • mano

    Great idea, a few Chinese phone manufacturers really must face their problem, it’s good to improve reputation.

    • Joe


    • Ethos Evoss


  • tomskiner

    They made too many copycats, stop this stupid thing

    • Joe

      Yes but unfortunately, there’s always demand for clones. That’s why these manufacturers continue to release such copycat devices.

      • Shanos

        In the case of apple clones I can see both sides of the coin. I find the iPhone 6 a bit too large considering the screen size but can see that it is a stylish handset.
        if a China company directly copies it 100% size wise but with decent specs and a secent priceit will sell well (I prefer android to ios as do many other users) if they do it with a lower spec it will also sell well (go phone made a living with this as have other companies ) if however they take the styling and reduce the bezels and the chins and stick in a bigger fhd screen instead of wasting all that space, along with a quick processor and decent ram and storage they can make a phone that is stylish but also something that can show apple fans what the iPhone 6 could have been had apple not choose to use a small low definition screen in the phone.
        I am waiting to see if the the big cola 3 eventually comes in wcdma

    • Seriously, put an end to the Clone Wars!

    • Paul Sleight

      If you’re not interested in clone phones, just ignore them. You can choose not to read about them. Most people will recognise that they are usually inferior copies, but then it may be the only way they can afford a particular design that they like. I don’t usually condone copyright infringement, but for some reason I’m ok with clone phones,!

  • TheCatCharli

    too cheap

    • Joe

      so that’s a problem?

      • Depends on whether they were referring to the price or the build quality.

        • Joe

          If hes talking about the build quality, then yes ofc, that needs to be fixed

  • Are the complaints going directly into the shredder as depicted above?

    • Frank Tu

      I had left my email at the end of the article along with a well written complaint article, I would like to maximise the complaints, and pay for the labor work.

  • The Calm Critic

    Device “defects” are a secondary issue. There’s a critical need for a 2 pronged approach imo when it comes to Chinese OEMs. This is my chiefest of complains:-
    1. Local models (for Chinese market only) w/ the ongoing closed in and Google-less services.

    2. International variants of said models shouldn’t be as locked down or rigidly set to “call home” back to their Chinese servers. This isn’t totally wrong per se as most Chinese OEMs are half right to keep costs down and just use their already active local servers to do the job and not every other 5 OEM have the kind of scale that Huawei, Lenovo or Xiaomi has. But it’s also not helping with this negative perception that some users out there harbor about the security/privacy concerns.

    To start with where I’m heading with this remember that just recent rumor of a Google + Huawei Nexus tie-up and why half of all readers literally brushed that off on “principle”? That’s one of it… Some went as far as suggesting that it’ll be the 1st Nexus that they won’t buy because it’s gonna be about Google cutting a deal w/ Huawei/Chinese gov at handing/sharing over data (yes a blatantly harsh assumption of course) kow towwing so that Google could gain something since their services are disallowed in China…. ridiculous at any rate as it may seem it’s still not a good outlook to stick with.

    I’ve always argued that there’s enough capable and proven Chinese OEMs by now that just need a proper international image makeover but so far 99% are purely volume sales driven. Look at ZTE for example. Apparently never short of ideas for some good hardware but that’s that. They’ll shoot models out, try to undercut some in the NA market but when it comes to fw/sw users will be dropped at the next kerb. Short term thinking that’s too obvious for most jaded Android users to care about and finally that “Don’t ever buy Chinese” syndrome.

    I know what some of you are thinking; “Oh noes.. Here comes another rootah, custom ROM freak who needs to STFU right about now” well you’re only half right. People won’t ever need to root their devices if the shipped fw/sw are truly capable enough for them to work with and custom ROMs are supposed to be a viable OPTION not mandatory. But when both of these are totally out of the equation, closed down and subject only to the manufacturers’ “timely” rollouts (yes I’m being generous here) what then? And no offense if even Samsung the king of Android hill right now Korean as they are they’re not exempt from this. They too struggle due to their massive product portfolio and clearly mismanaged priorities. Let alone smaller scaled Chinese rivals…but now is that wave to ride on and fix mistakes as things speed up/

    I don’t care if there’s gonna be that next Crysis running, water proofed or can project holographic image Chinese super phablet that everyone can buy. I care more about what’s my options on the OS ctrl side for that hardware after monies spent. And it’ll be a lot nicer if I can trust more Chinese companies to engage users better to achieve that.

    Right now there isn’t enough to prop all fingers on a hand to count ’em all in.

  • Thurien

    Great idea, made an article right away with my story. If your company is growing, you need to realise your customer service has to as well.

  • yogesh sherman

    Most Chinese companies believe in hit and run they come up with decent product and then they forget to provide service,upgrades not only that they pass the buck to the seller and seller show their inability due to lack of company support.Newman (Newman N2) is one such company their hardware was good but again they forget to upgrade their software not only that they didn’t even care to remove the already existed Bugs and battery issues.Never thought of customers who trusted them with their products. There is no innovation it is just assembly of hardware, still there is no solution available for Newman N2 battery forget about upgrades and I still believe most of the other companies are also similar in action and act as mere an assembly unit rather than complete phone/tablet company

  • there

    biggest problem: fake specifications.

  • vanillaicepac

    Entendi nada que esses cara tão dizendo