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Nokia’s Concept Smartphone looks so beautiful!

by Joe 6

We know that Nokia is not allowed to manufacture and release smartphones under its name till 2016. However, that doesn’t stop us from conceptualizing what a Nokia made premium Android smartphone would look like.

nokia concept image 2

Today we have come across three new images of a Nokia smartphone concept. The phone seems to retain a similar design as as the company’s Lumia range. However, the phone is made entirely of metal and not polycarbonate. Nevertheless, the device looks quite good especially with its unibody design.

nokia concept image 3

The bezels are extremely thin, which makes it all the more premium. Interestingly, the buttons on the sides stand out from the overall body due to its black shade. The power button lies on the left while the volume keys as well as the camera button lies on the right. You get the Nokia branding right on top of the device, along with a large front camera sensor besides it. But the designer has done well to blend everything together into one design.

One of the images even show a yellow, probably polycarbonate version of the design and that looks quite good too.

So what do you think about the new Nokia smartphone concept? Looks beautiful right?

nokia concept image 1


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  • kazuhikoaikawa

    not bad

  • Hamaid

    Just BEEEEAAAAUUUUUTTTTIIIIIFFFFUUUUULLLLLL… We want NOKIA to come back & take its rightful position .. on the TOP ….

  • vhd

    :)))) most horrible concept ever seen

  • RZ

    Nokia name is similar to quality, but win os ruined everything. But if Nokia will make fully functional android phone (not limited, as they did already), i’ll definitely buy it.

  • Amos phiri

    baby come back…….sing along….2016 there you are…

  • HeartPunch

    Nokia was always knows for great design and rock solid technology…but why marry it to a crap operating system like Android or Win? Bring back Symbian Belle with a new phone please.