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Elephone P7000 ELE Code Give Away UPDATE WINNERS PICKED

by shanos 76


Giveaway-Winnerp7000 giveaway

The Pioneer P7000 is proving to be hugely popular, todays flash sale saw 160,000 people purchasing the phone, Elephone are issuing ELE codes chosen at random to 9500 lucky buyers allowing those chosen to purchase the Pioneer P7000 for the amazingly low price of $159.99

I have been speaking directly with Elephone and have managed to get two ELE codes to give away to you our Gizmochina readers.

In order to get your hands on one share this post on your Facebook page and like Gizmochina (If you haven’t already!) and in no more than 25 words tell us why you deserve an ELE code.

We will pick two winners at random on Friday 15th of May – Codes need to be used to purchase your P7000 by the 20th of May

Kind regards and good Luck


Thank you to everyone that entered, we hope to have some more great giveaways coming very soon… but now for the bit your all waiting for

All entrants names have been put in to a hat and my little boy Eli has picked two winners!

And they are Sunny and Erik, well done to you both I will send over the ELE codes this evening (UK time), they need to be used by May 20th.

Once again thanks to all the people that entered this time, we look forward to the next giveaway

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  • dingding

    25 words?! Sorry but honestly I’m too lazy to do that!
    So I will “… pay attention to the second round of 15000 pieces!” on the second “flash sale without reservation” on Wednesday. 😉

  • Haytham

    I hope to get ELE code to be able to test the new MediaTek and the TouchID

  • Christo

    I don’t currently have a smartphone as it suffered hardware failure so been using my old Sony Ericsson K810i for the past month.

    • Shanos

      I used to love my K810i such a great phone (once they sorted the firmware to prevent it deleting the boot sector if the battery went fully flat) and the battery life was amazing

  • Erik

    Elephone created a beautiful piece of hardware. I decided to give a try for China phones, the P7000 is perfect for that.

    • Shanos

      Congratulations! we need your email address to send over the code and details of where to redeem it, please email [email protected] with the subject ELE code. once again well done and enjoy the phone when it arrives.

      • Erik

        Thank you! The first time I won something.

        • Shanos

          Its a great feeling, I remember the first time I won a competition it was a Galaxy S2. the competition was to put a caption to a picture. I hope you enjoy the phone I would love one myself, but I had to give both the codes away lol.
          Perhaps if I am lucky Elephone might send me one to review (fingers, eyes, toes etc crossed)

          • Erik

            The Galaxy S2 was a great phone.
            I hope Elephone send you one for a great review! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to hold the phone in my hands lol. I’ve never had this feelings for a phone lol.

          • Shanos

            Don’t forget to place your order before the 20th of May or the code won’t work.

          • Erik

            I’ll order immediately after I receive the code.

          • Sunny

            Hi Erik,
            were you able to claim the prize with the code they have provided you as i am not able to claim..

            Please let me know if you got any procedure or if you could able to claim the prize

          • Erik

            No the code is not working for me. I’ve mailed gizmochina, they said I have to contact the store. I’ll contact the store later, I hope they can provide the lower prize.
            Let me know if you were able to claim the prize.

          • Erik

            Still no reply from the store..

          • Shanos

            there is a time difference but keep trying, this is what Elephone sent over

            tell them not enter the code into the coupon area, just contact the seller to tell them the code is ok.

            You need to contact the reseller directly and they will know about the code give away

          • Shanos

            Good morning,

            I am speaking with Elephone they have asked if you can provide a screen capture of your conversation with the retailer, as they are unsure as to why they are not accepting the code and order.

            Sorry about all of this hassle but it will be worth waiting for



  • Kamui

    I’m in the contest! I’m in!

  • Ahmad Munzir Ahmad

    because i want to get proved that p7000 is a powerful handphone and deserved for its price and promoted it to my country

  • Abdel Essami

    Hi everybody , I want the elephone p7000 because in my opinion is one of the most powerful china phones at the moment.

  • TheDutch

    I hope to get a ELE code, because i still have a IOS phone and wants to try this Flagship Android 5.0 phone

  • manohar basavaraju

    Elephone makes my Tech life complete with its powerful Hardware & affordability. I wish to receive ELE code because i read Gizmochina everyday without failure. I make maximum use of P7000 for my Photography skills and frequent flashing of Custom ROMs… It is a great phone to flaunt in front of my Friends & Family.

  • Simone Lampis

    Everybody deserves to buy this phone at $159.99, so why not me? 😉

  • Ada Song

    I want an elf to afford the phone for my day as farther’s day gift

  • Rejean St-Pierre

    As a owner of the P3000S I appreciate it very much, but I want to be able make better photos with a phone and the P7000 is better because the inside cam and the possibility to use RAW format …



  • thi ha

    I just want it for my own. Not for anybody else.
    I just want to see how good their flagship phone is.
    Thank you.

  • william cetina

    Just i want this phone because is one of better phone from china and i love it

  • Csaba Kovács

    I would like a code, please 🙂

  • Roberto Locca

    i need bonus code, because i try Meizu MX4 Pro i try XIAOMI Note now i would to try Elephone for compare the best Chinese start up company.

  • Tarek Medhat

    i deserve because it will be the first phone which i buy from china so i want to have a good experience about Chinese smartphones. i find this phone amazing with the mtk7652 64 bit chip set and 3g ram with attractive design and fingerprint sensor. i already have tried to get ele code in the reservation event but i was unlucky , hope i get another a chance that’s why i need this code . thanks

  • sunny

    I am tired of using my 3 year old Lg L5 mobile and what would be better upgrade than the P7000 with 3gb ram, Octacore processor with the added security of a finger print scanner and a gorgeous 13mp sony sensor camera. Hope to win. Desperately need it. Keeping fingers crossed.

    • Shanos

      Congratulations sunny! we need your email address to send over the code and details of where to redeem it, please email [email protected] with the subject ELE code. once again well done and enjoy the phone when it arrives.

      • sunny

        Thanks for selecting me as the winner. I have sent a email to the above mail address. Awaiting the further instructions.

  • Shanos

    Just two more days till we pick two lucky people to receive their ELE codes

  • Matteo Carosi


  • JoeNok Likit

    I tried so hard yesterday to fight the other to conquer the
    worthy Elephone but I did’t get it. I love to have it,Thanks

  • Andi Gott

    I’m from Germany and my lovely LG 4X HD P880 died few days ago. So I made a lot of
    research for my future smartphone. I got a budget of 250€ incl. tax and
    shipping. Sad to say but the whole EU smartphone market is boring like hell. Nothing interesting in my eyes. I’m sick to see every Person near me with Samsung and Apple smartphones. They are brainwashed and focused only on one brand. They doesn’t even want to look over the edge of the smartphone market. I need a great new phone, which is fast, nice looking and got lollipop as OS. The Pioneer is a great piece of
    technology. I want to show my friends a phone, which isn’t from Samsung, Apple
    and Co and even can beat most of those “high end” phones. Maybe they
    will awake like me that most of the “China smartphones” are great and
    coast mostly the half of the price they paid for those big smartphone brands.
    Would be great to be a member of Elephone 🙂

  • Antonio

    Hello Gizmochina staff,
    I would to buy Elephone P7000 because I have no enough money to buy another device with similar features, please help me.

  • Antonio

    Hello Gizmochina staff,
    I would to buy Elephone P7000 because I have no enough money to buy another device with similar features, please help me. Thank you.

  • Mark Newsome

    I have an old ThL, always wanted a good phone & if I got a code I’d be able to afford one.
    So my kinda phone is the P7000,would love to show my phone off for a change instead of looking at everyone else’s ?

  • Jorge Tabares

    HI well ill like a elephone code cus at this moment i have no phone i lost my old one in an accident days ago it was a motorola razr xt910 and well it was too old too so i was thinking o change it
    Above that i love this elephone p7000 i think it has a really good price for all its specs and that thing that u can change to the rom u want from cyanogen to miui and the others is amazing, i hope… i can have this phone and get comunicated again and see waht it can do

    I Want a code!!!!

  • Well I will write in short. I am a tech freak, Frank knows it very well so no need to mention that.
    My love towards proper Chinese phones are lot. Was waiting for this piece to book but was not able to do. So I humbly request gizmochina my home to provide me an ELE code so that I can get a hands on the device soon for cheaper price. My mail ID is [email protected]

  • George Frintu

    Would be cool to get the discount code 🙂

  • Shanos

    I will be picking the two random winners at 5pm UK time, good luck and if you have not already entered you still have some time.

  • Christo

    Congrats winners. Looks like I’ll now have to wait a few months until the Elephone Vowney releases or the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 before I’ll get a new phone… Tossing up between those 2.

  • Ramon

    Hi, I want the Elecode, please. My email [email protected]

  • Robson

    Im try aread 1 month and every time get erro ortográfico mano people please waiting and i dit get any conde YET I’m in China I need one code and please with web can ship to China I aread open account in Avery one of them [email protected]

  • pratik

    Hi, I want the Elecode, please

  • Tatiana Haruhi

    My Galaxy S2 died this month and I’m trying to get an ELE code ever since. Please send me one *_*

  • isidro palomar

    Hello, please, i am spanish user…if is possible, i want ELE CODE please. Thank you very much;-)…

  • Dostoevsky

    I want the code p7000. i like it and i want it. Right now it’s my first choice. It combines a lot of top specs in beautifull device and all that in a very low price…

  • David Denegri

    Please the ELE code P7000. Thanks. [email protected]

  • Кирилл Гардашников

    Hello. I’m from Ukraine. I want to buy elephone p7000. if you give me ele code I will pay the order the next day. Thank you . My mail [email protected]

  • Hossein

    Hi , I’m from iran i want test this phone please send me copne for order 159$ thanks email adderss [email protected]

  • ali

    I would love to buy this phone at this price!
    It was a long time I was looking for a phone of this price! If you do not have the code can not buy this phone with the original price! Is possible the chance to give me?

  • Bruno Prozac

    I would like to have thi phone, if possible send me a ELE code for $159. My email is [email protected]

  • Lupu F. Catalin

    hello, i want an ele code !tnx [email protected]

  • Дмитрий Мельник

    Good day. I really want to order this phone, but I can not pay 210-230 dollars. I’ve heard you can get a promotional code . Help me please. I gained through the Google translator from Russian . [email protected] Thank you and waiting for an answer by email

    • Pjotr

      Dick in your mouth!

  • ali

    Help me please. i need ELE CODE I want the elephone p7000. [email protected]

  • Francesc Pruneda

    Hello! How can I take the code? I need this smartphone as soon as possible! 😀

  • Iurii

    Hello. I really want this phone. I’m a student, so money is not enough. Please send code to the address: [email protected] Thank you very much!

  • why dont they just make these phones 159 us seems like they would sell alot

  • Martín Pérez

    Buenos días.
    Quiero comprar el celular Elephone p7000 pero es costoso.
    En la pagina de internet dice que lo puedo comprar en 159 con la ayuda de ustedes…
    Me darían un código por favor?
    [email protected]

    Muchas gracias

    Martín Pérez

  • vicky go

    please send me ele code [email protected] thank you

  • Mohannad

    Please i need an ELE code, [email protected]

  • Jose luis Fernández ramos

    Hola buenas quiero conseguir el código para comprar el elephone p7000 por 159 ¿me puden dar el código? mi nombre es jose
    [email protected]

  • Julian Rapushi

    I love to buy the elephone P7000. Please send me a ELE code [email protected]

  • Сергей Бабахов


    Please send me a ELE code on P8000. [email protected]. Thanks

  • Julian Rapushi

    I love to buy the elephone P7000. Please send me a ELE code [email protected]

  • Daniel

    Hola buenas quiero conseguir el código para comprar el elephone p7000 ¿me pueden dar el ELECODE?
    [email protected]

  • Jose Antonio Gómez Palacios

    Hola. Quiero un elecode para comprar elephone P7000. Gracias

  • santi

    hola me gustaria conseguir un codigo para el elephant p7000. gracias

  • Pablo Martínez

    Hola me podrian enviar un ELE code para el Elephone P7000, mi e-mail es [email protected] muchas gracias !!

  • Pablo Martínez

    hi, i wanna a ele code please, thanks