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Disappointing! Meizu M2 Note scores less than 32K on AnTuTu

by Joe 8

meizu m2 note 01

Its just been a few hours since Meizu made the M2 Note official and we already have the AnTuTu benchmark scores of the device. The company has made a number of changes in terms of specs as well as design on the new phone, and naturally that has resulted into a change in the performance.

meizu m2 note antutu

The original Meizu M1 Note featured the fast octa-core 64-bit MT6752 chip, which powers most upper mid-range phones these days. However, with this device, the company decided to go with MT6753 that supports even CDMA networks required for China Unicom. But for the additional connectivity, you have to sacrifice on the clock speed of the cores, as the Cortex A53 cores inside this chip is clocked at just 1.3GHz instead of 1.7GHz on the MT6752.

meizu m2 note antutu 02

This naturally translates into lower performance than the Meizu M1 Note. In the AnTuTu benchmark test conducted by a Chinese website, the M2 Note powered by MT6753 managed to score less than 32,000 points. This is much lesser than the near 40K that the M1 Note manages to score in the same test. Interestingly, the phone’s little brother, Meizu M1 Note Mini actually manages to score around 31K on the test, that too powered by a quad-core MT6732 chipset with 1GB RAM.

Other than the processor, the internals are more or less the same. One important addition is the MicroSD card slot, which was absent from the previous model. Other specs, like 13MP + 5MP cameras, and 5.5-inch full HD display remains the same.

So, with this low performing chip, its not really surprising to see the device priced at less than 1000 Yuan. Meizu M2 Note starts at just 799 Yuan, which is just 100 Yuan more than the M1 Mini. So, this phone kind of sits between the two models in terms of performance.

To read more about the Meizu M2 Note, check out our previous article.

meizu m2 note antutu 04 meizu m2 note antutu 03

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  • Anh Vũ

    i dont see meizu m1 note2 on So where can i buy this device?

  • Riccardo Benzoni

    antutu isn’t everything, the main bottleneck will be FHD + underclocked SoC (gaming), those 6000 points on 3d graphics means gamers should be looking elsewhere.
    It should handle everything else without problems.

    • The Calm Critic

      Fair enough. But just how much more expensive it really is to just slap the necessary radios for MT6752 for a rebadge, instead of this thing with a weaker GPU to justify the cost cuts?

      Mind you not that I’m directing this to Meizu it’s somewhat understandable. Bit of a douche move on MediaTek’s part imho.

  • Βαγγώνης Σαμαρέλος

    Omg. It’s very DISSAPOINTING to bench a phone on antutu.
    iphone 5s dual core @ 1.3 opens the most apps faster that my bro’s lg g3 (801).
    Samsung decided to just to ddr4 RAM, but Mediatek preferred to put 10 cores (!!!!) on 6797 helio with ddr3 RAM and 28nm proccess, while Samsung uses a 14nm energy efficient and powerful chip.
    We have to stop buying 3 clusters phones and pay attention to manufacturing process and minimalism.

  • Nisan Mendoza


    I don’t see how that’s disappointing. 31k score in antutu for $130 phone is absolutely awesome. This is a bang for the buck phone, not a flagship!
    I used to have a MyPhone a919i with MT6589 quadcore (HD reso/ 1gb ram/ JB) and did 12-14k in antutu but pretty much did well with games like asphalt and nfs

  • neeehitsAlright

    naaah it is just alright.. as long as i can play clash of clans on it, and its design is, well still as it is slim bezel iphone form factor not a stupid oblong or those sharp edges rectangular phones…

  • Carlos

    Under clocked CPU and underclocked GPU

  • dj krishna

    We can overclock it to 1.7GHz after rooting and using some kernel tweaking app right ?