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Doogee S6000 is a Xiaomi Mi Note Clone with Monster 6000mAh battery

by Joe 18

It looks like Doogee has a number of smartphones in store for its fans in the coming months. We have already seen leaks about the Doogee F3 as well as the Valencia2 Y100 Pro. Now, we have come across another leak from our source which reveals an interesting device, the Doogee S6000.


The selling point of the device will definitely be its looks. The Doogee S6000 takes its design inspiration from the popular Xiaomi Mi Note flagship. So, you get the same 2.5D glass front as well as a slightly curved back on the device. There will be a 3D GLONASS Glass back cover as well as a premium CNC Zinc Titanium frame.



The design even reveals dual speakers at the bottom. Another impressive feat is that the phone measures just 9mm which although is thicker than competitors, its quite slim for a 6000mAh smartphone. The screen to body ratio should be around 75 percent with 2.5mm slim bezels.



The Doogee S6000 is actually lower mid-range device with decent specs. However, it has everything that a smartphone user would want from a phone. One of the highlights of the device is its monster 6000mAh battery. Yes, its not a typo, but our source reveals that the phone will have such a large battery which ensures at least three to four days of usage on the device.



Whats more, the phone support’s Mediatek’s Pump Express fast charging technology which can charge the device up to 75  percent in under 30 minutes. This  seems to be a killer deal for anyone who’s not happy with their phone’s battery life.


As for the other specs, the Doogee S6000 is said to come with the MT6735 quad-core chipset clocked at 1.5GHz. Unfortunately, there’s only 1GB RAM on board. For storage, you get 16GB of expandable memory. The display up front will be of 5.5-inches, with 720p resolution.

As for the camera, there is a decent f/2.0 8MP shooter at the back with dual LED flash and up front, there is a 5MP camera unit. The phone will run on the latest Android 5.1 version. Another possible feature could be Wireless Charging, but we are not sure of that.

Overall, its one of the best looking lower mid-range phones in the market. The Xiaomi Mi Note like design will definitely attract a lot of buyers as will the cheap $139.99 price tag. Expect the Doogee S6000 to be announced sometime in August this year.



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  • Tony Lee

    amazing! finally to wait the DOOGEE going to release big battery phone, it seems they gonna join in the big battery battle with Bluboo X550, Elephone p4000

  • Rosalia

    6000 mAH?!! Serious? I want it! I like quick charge too! When we can buy it?

    • Kamui

      6000 mah does not mean a week without charge. Bad software can suck all the 6000 mah battery in a day.

      • คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี

        I used chinese made 5 inches glass with litium bat with allday used net facebook excluded game and youtube itcan stay for twoday

  • Cpaun

    Really people, it’s gonna be a fake battery. It’s impossible to fit a battery that big in the ultra slim Mi Note’s design. I don’t believe it untill I see it.

  • Can it charge other phones?

  • Jade Belle

    WOW! This is definitely a killer. I like the double-sided glass look, and 6000mAh, I can’t imagine. But seriously how heavy will it be ?

  • Tony Lee

    the price is unbelievable if it really cost 139.99 dollars!

  • Muhammad Yasir

    2 gb ram and $150 woulda been a GREAT DEAL !

    • Gal

      get the Elephone P6000. 2GB of RAM for 120$.

      • Tony Lee

        too old and ugly

        • ماجد المغربي

          yes very ugly

        • ماجد المغربي

          perhaps the bluboo x550 with 2 ram and 5300 mah

          • Tony Lee

            maybe,DOOGEE would release a S6000Pro with 2GB ram 🙂

        • Gal

          You don’t make any sense.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        no , i mean for this phone. it was a great hell of a clone. but only for a few kinks..

  • How come phones with giant batteries have such puny specs? If anything, a phone using a SD810 or MT9597 deserves a 6000mAh monster battery.

  • tarik

    Everything is great but 1gb, really doogee really?? 2gb is minimum these days!!