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POLL: How Would You Rate The OnePlus 2?

by Joe 8

We are always interested to know how you feel about a new smartphone. Today, OnePlus officially announced the OnePlus 2 Flagship, after months of hype. The new device brings in a lot of upgrade in terms of specs and design, but we would like to whether these upgrades met your expectations.

OP2 flagship killer

So, here’s a poll to see how many of you liked/ disliked the new OnePlus 2. Apart from voting in the poll, feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

If you still haven’t checked our launch article, you can read all about the new OnePlus 2 from here before voting.


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  • Nathalia.

    I would have loved that they had included built-in NFC, and not having to wait ’till a modified back cover comes out.

  • YonG

    Just hope the standard version is at lease 32GB..

    • Dima

      It’s 16GB and 3 gigs of ram. Silly to buy it when you add 50$ and get-64GB and 4 gigs of ram

  • Lukas

    don´t you know, if it will be possible to choose cover when buying phone, or is the sandstone cover standard and you need to buy separately others?

  • Wolvie

    If they don’t use Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 then the response will be much much better.

    and no quick charging is really a rip off

    • Dima

      They had to because of the faster ram and gpu.
      Let’s see if they managed to tame the Dragon like xiaomi.
      Also in youtube MKBHD used the phone and it didn’t run hot, and there were no frame rate drops or slowdowns.

  • Venci

    still waiting for <200$ option and the price for Europe 339 euros wtf ???!??

  • Dima

    I just really don’t understand their choice of not including the nfc. Why put fingerprint scanner then? To unlock the phone? All the pay systems through nfc and other platforms are on the rise! Silly to not include.
    Also the quick charge. 3:20 hours to fully charge, wtf?
    I understand that the price is low and that’s why but I would really buy it, and now I won’t..
    Otherwise pretty amazing device