OnePlus 2 Does Not Support Quick Charging Or Wireless Charging Anyway

by Khurram Anwar 0

For sure, you’ve probably read everything regarding to the newly announced OnePlus 2 “2016 flagship killer”, if you are a fan of technology. In case you were wondering, OnePlus 2 does not support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology or any other sort of fast charge tech, and it also lacks wireless charging of any kind. As to the latter, it is what it is. No wireless charging. 

What about the quick charging? well my speculation is that the choice to use USB Type C (not to be confused with USB3.1, the OnePlus 2 is a USB2.0 device) meant Quick Charge wasn’t a obvious option.

Qualcomm Quick Charge requires a compatible power controller (a physical thing) and not sure that this device current controllers work with USB type C fully.

However, here’s a list of what you won’t find on the OnePlus 2:

Quick Charging
Wireless Charging
microSD card support

People asked about the lack of NFC. OnePlus said “we heard from a lot of users of the One and saw most of our users weren’t using NFC”. So, blame your fellow OnePlus One owners/users for the lack of NFC support.

Perhaps integrated Quick Charge 2.0 with Type C USB would have been required yet another discrete chip, or a custom implementation of existing power controller that would be quite costly as well. Well, the $200 ZenFone 2 has support for this. While it is not clear at the moment why exactly Quick Charging is not supported.

As a bonus, the OnePlus 2 has a non-removable battery, just like so many phones out there, from the S6 to the Xperia Z3+ to the M9 to the iPhone 6.

So, these shortcomings are for you, can you live with them? It is surely up to you.

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via: AndroidPolice.