Opera Max New Update Can Now Save Data For Faster YouTube And Netflix Videos

by Khurram Anwar 0

Opera Max by Opera Inc. is a data-management and data-savings app that shrinks videos and photos on almost any app on mobile data connections, as well as Wi-Fi when you surf the web or use apps like Instagram on your phone. By saving as much as 50% of your data usage over 4G LTE, 3G & Wi-Fi, using Opera Max allows you to stretch out your data to make it last longer for you to enjoy. However, up until now, YouTube and Netflix videos could not be compressed by Opera Max.

Today, an update to the Opera Max app on Google Play has changed this procedure and has made it quite easier. The app will now compress the HTTPS videos for that are available from both video streaming sites. With this nice feature, buffering is also reduced as well. The company argues that its service can reduce buffering and remember that data savings depends on the type of network and device you are using. To save bandwidth, Opera Max routes all of your traffic through its own network and then compresses the data before it’s sent to you, which i think is a great idea.

Here, it is necessary to mention, Opera says it takes its users’ privacy very seriously, but if that’s something that worries you, then you probably want to give Max a pass. Opera Max launched in February 2014, but it’s worth noting that the company long offered a similar service for its desktop browser in the form of the ‘Opera Turbo’ mode which was also proved handy like the same way.

Opera Max reduces a 10MB video to 3MB almost. You can also learn about this by clicking on the video at the top of the story. By the way, Opera Max is still a free download from the Google Play Store.

Download Opera Max from the Google Play Store by clicking here.

Source: Opera blog