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Xiaomi Car Charger + FM Transmitter with Bluetooth Leaked

by Martin 2

It looks like Xiaomi is working on another new and innovative product called the Roidmi which combines an FM transmitter and car charger into one and adds Bluetooth connectivity.

xiaomi-roidmi-leaked-01The Roidmi features a simple design made from stainless steel and two USB posts for charging that light up with blue LEDs. The charging ports are powered by AnaNaviTek Paragon Technology high-performance DC-DC main chip that features an input voltage of 12/24V and gives the two USB charging ports a combined output of up to [email protected] (15.5W) or a single-port output of up to 2.1A. The ports also feature intelligent recognition making it compatible with both Apple and Android devices. To make charging devices with the Roidmi secure, Xiaomi has included a total of eight different safety features including short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, and more.

xiaomi-roidmi-leaked-02As for the Roidmi’s FM transmitter and Bluetooth functions, users can connect to the Roidmi via Bluetooth and use the downloadable app to adjust its FM transmitter frequency from 87.5-108MHz. Once the car stereo system and the FM transmitter are synced, the user can then open their phone’s music app and start playing music through the Roidmi. This design eliminates the need for a wire to connect your phone to the FM transmitter and removes the need for Xiaomi to add a display and controls to the Roidmi because of the app.

The Roidmi is expected to be officially released sometime in October at a surprisingly low price rag of only 59 Yuan.


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  • Sam Butler

    Seems like its already for sail in the shop in the mi home app

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