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Elephone M1 and M2 flash sales

by shanos 6

Elephone have today sent of promotional video of both the Elephone M1 & M2 Business handsets.

The phones will be on Pre sale in October, full prices have not yet been made official but they have told me that they will be holding flash sales for both handsets.

The flash sale pricing will be $119.99 for the Elephone M1 Business phone and $149.99 for the Elephone M2 Business phone.
Check out the videos below and let me know what you think of the new Elephone M1 and M2 Business handsets, the pricing on the flash sales looks really competitive and if they improvements in build on the Elephone Trunk are indicative of Elephones newer handsets, we could well be seeing the return to form of the brand.
M1: video
For more information on the Elephone M1, head over to Elephone’s site now
M2: video:
For more information on the Elephone M2, head over to Elephone’s site now
Regards Shane


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  • Rick

    the M2 video is a total joke. “mentallic” feeling? do they mean “metallic’??? texting while driving? no thanks lol.. chinese manufacturer really nees to pay attention to their PR

  • Muhammad Yasir

    no supercheap :/

  • Blue Gum

    The M2 is a great phone hamstrung by a small 2600mAh battery; 5.5″ needs 2800+.
    Even the cheaper M1 has a larger battery.

    • just be grateful you don’t have an iphone 6s with its 1,715 mAh battery lol

  • I have spoken with Elephone several times about their use of Chinglish translation, they do not seem to be bothered that for International users it is a sign of poor attention to detail.
    Hopefully they are spending more time getting the phones software right than on their adverts 🙂

  • R. Tina

    it looks a nice idea