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Xiaomi cuts down Mi4 Flagship’s Price To 1299 Yuan ($200)

by Joe 8

If you have been confused about which smartphone to buy on a budget, you might be happy to know that Xiaomi has just cut down the price tag of the Xiaomi Mi 4 flagship. Starting November 1, the flagship will be available for sale for just 1299 Yuan which comes to around $205, almost $30 OFF the regular price.

Xiaomi Mi4

This is sure to make things even more confusing to you, since the Mi4 is definitely a good buy at this price. While in China both the devices (Mi4 and the Mi4C) now retail for the same price tag (what was Xiaomi thinking!), if you are out to purchase the device from a third party, following this price cut, the Mi4 will be cheaper. So, you now you can get the Mi4 at just $229 which turns out to be a good deal considering the specifications of the phone.

To compare with the Mi 4C, the Mi4 comes with the trusted Snapdragon 801 chipset with 2GB RAM, 16GB of storage and a good looking design with a metal frame. The camera, battery life are all at par with flagship which makes this phone a steal at this price.

If it was a few months earlier, this would have been an easy decision. But now, with the Meizu Metal and the LeTV 1S, you might have a hard time deciding which one to go for this holiday season. In case you are concerned about the price tag, then Mi 4 should definitely be somewhere near the top of your list.

Anyways, if you are interested, the Mi 4 is already available at the reduced price tag of $229. You can check out the device from here.

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  • Bogdan Botezatu

    Specs are all wrong on giztop. Please take a look and fix them.

    • Joe

      I just checked the page. It seems alright to me. What do you mean by specs are all wrong?

      • tartempion & Co

        Mi4 have 3GB ram, not 2GB. or it’s another variant with less ram ?

        no point getting the 2GB version for few dollars less, miui is heavy and must be used on 3GB phones :/

        • Muhammad Yasir

          good points

        • Joe

          Yes, there’s a 2GB RAM variant.

          As for the MIUI is heavy argument, its much better on the MIUI 7. I have tried it on the Redmi Note 4G (2GB RAM) and it works like charm without any lag.

          But you are right, its always better to go for 3GB RAM if you can shell out a few bucks more.
          Or else, if you are going for 2GB RAM, you can always choose a recent model like the Meizu Metal.

          • Bogdan Botezatu

            There is a 2GB variant, but that has LTE FDD bands. Acording to giztop the model listed is only 3G.
            At quick overview there is mentioned 3GB.

  • David

    Is this really vat-free shipping to eu?

    • Bogdan Botezatu

      From my experience with giztop, I can confirm that there is no vat within EU.