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Ulefone Offers $70 Discount on Knockout products for Black Friday Sales

by Shine Wong 13

ulefone black friday

As the end of 2015 steps ever closer, Ulefone has kicked off their most generous promotion of the year, the 2-week “Black Friday” sales where the company’s latest knockout models Ulefone Paris and Be Touch 3 will renew their records of low prices.

ulefone be touch 3

From November 23 to December 6, 5,000 units of Ulefone Paris will be provided at the price USD119.99, with a tempered-glass protector and an S-view flip cover as free gifts in addition. And for just USD149.99, you are able to buy the company’s new flagship Ulefone Be Touch 3, which is equipped with high specs like front fingerprint scanner, full HD display, Sony MX214 13MP camera, and 3GB LPDDR3 RAM. By comparison, the original prices of Ulefone Paris and Be Touch 3 are USD169.99 and USD199.99, respectively, while the accessories for the Paris are worth about USD20.

9 retail partners of Ulefone have joined the promotion so far and the number is expected to get above 20 before this Friday. Ulefone has prepared enough items in stock to be able to fulfill all the orders in 2 days after payment.


Ulefone Be Touch 3 VS Meizu MX5:

Ulefone Paris Gaming Show:

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  • JoeJosefJeo

    Oh, no i paid USD129.99 for Ulefone Paris during the presales. And now it is USD119.99 and comes with flip case and tempered glass as gifts. Ulefone, you are kidding me! I will ask Ulefone to compensate me 10 dollars and the free gifts. But to be frank the phone is very good and they have kept releasing updates. I’m satisfied with the phone but not their pricing strategy. That’s rediculous.

    • foreverly

      Naaah! You should have predicted they’ll give some big discounts for Black friday. For this day, i’ve waited 2 months.

    • EmperorProtects

      I also paid for 129.99, but think about that you have been able to enjoy the stuff for 2 months, while those who buy now has not.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      ulefone paris is a GOOD PHONE ?!

      please elaborate @joejosefjeo:disqus

  • Mohammad Rafiq

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  • Vihaan

    Ha, history repeats itself exactly in a year. I waited for black Friday too. Doubted between several models Ulefone U007(Pro) and UhansA101S. At Uhans 2 GB RAM against 1 GB in 007. But it is not a problem for me. But Uhans offered the super cool share this time, and I on it was moved.

    • Den List

      Company Uhans on the occasion of Black Friday is holding a contest, which ends November 30, 2016 onwards. My neighbor has already won Uhans A101s, did a very nice, he is lucky! And I train to twist the wheel, really want to win! Details about the contest on the website of the company

      • Agnes Stewart

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  • Abdullah Habibullah

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    • Zoja

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      • Martoz

        Good advertising company Uhans. Great heights achieved with this approach to the issue.

    • Czarl Ke

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    • Agnes Stewart

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