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Huawei and Xiaomi Working on Intel-based Laptops

by Martin 9

New rumors have surfaced revealing that Huawei and Xiaomi may be working to expand their product catalogue by releasing their own laptop computers.

huawei-xiaomi-intel-laptops-rumors-01Huawei is already known for producing solid-state drives for commercial use so they’ll be able to use that for their laptops. The company also produces their own processors for their flagship smartphones so they might be developing their own processor for their laptop as well.

But analyst Sun Changxu posted on her Weibo account stating that the Xiaomi and Huawei notebooks will feature Intel processors because the processors both companies normally use aren’t compatible with Windows due to its x86 architecture.

Additionally, she stated that Huawei’s laptop will most probably be targeted towards business users while Xiaomi’s laptop will be targeted at mainstream consumers.

If both companies decide to produce affordable laptops that feature high-end performance specifications then they could shake up the notebook market the same way their smartphones shook up the flagship smartphone market.

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    I just want gaming laptops from BOTH of them FOR CHEAP PRICES !

    • Shashank

      Huawei is not cheap

      • Muhammad Yasir

        it will have to be if it wants to stay afloat in the LAPTOP business …
        cheap gaming pcs and laptops are a rarity in 3rd world countries … they could tap and massively exploit that market.
        dont you think ?

        • Dante

          Cheap laptops is a rarity in itself because Yoy just cant build yourself one , The producers are dictating the prices for all the specs for the bigger companies , And the companies add some final price to it + windows license frok others eh.. thats why i usually but laptops with linux , there is usually a 100 differrence , But xiaomi on the other side has very aggresive pricing so , well see

          • Muhammad Yasir

            i hope they atleast allow us space and flexibility to install windows later on … so if we purchase a copy , it wont go in vain

  • GIJoe

    A free M.2 2242 SSD slot will be fine…

  • Drunkenllama

    both are trying

    • Drunkenllama

      both are trying to imitate Apple, and become a chic brand
      I guess the new PC will be more trendy than any gaming or business powerhouse.

  • Fox Hunter

    Who says it has to be windows? that analyst is an idiot. The laptops can be linux Ubuntu or Android or Cyanogen Mod or even Tizen, Windows is not the only OS on the planet. Intel chips will make the laptops more expensive. If i were Huawei i would use the Kirin chips for the laptop running their own fork of Android that can use Android apps.