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Mid-Range Nubia Smartphone With Rear Fingerprint Sensor Spotted

by Suhaib 4

It looks like, ZTE Nubia, the Chinese smartphone maker has unofficially teased a new smartphone sporting fingerprint sensor. The company was showcasing its projector technology which can show what’s on the phone’s screen directly on the large screen LED TV using a special module at the back.

The TV which is made by Coocaa will feature a special dock at the back, like the one in the picture below. While everyone was busy looking at the technology, we might have missed out on the smartphone that was in the dock.


It looks like a brand new device since the design and the fingerprint sensor at the back are something that we haven’t seen on a Nubia smartphone till now. Apart from that, the phone seems to be made out of metal and features a single LED flash. This should hint that it’s a lower mid-range model. So, could this be Nubia’s answer to the LeTV 1S, Meizu M1 Metal and the Redmi Note 3?

As of now no other information regarding the specifications of the smartphone is available. Hopefully, we will hear more about the device in the coming days.

So, what do you think? Will you consider buying a Nubia smartphone if it competes with models like LeTV 1S and the Redmi Note 3?


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  • Real fake! 🙂

    • Joe

      Fake? Why do you think so?

  • Muhammad Yasir

    will cost $300

  • illystor

    Nubia has interested me over the years. The Z7 (and the Max) were both strong contenders last time I was looking to get a new device, and they have a really good multi-window implementation… but I’m kinda bitter about their business practices when it comes to trying to coerce negative reviews of Meizu products (after already forcing Meizu to ditch their glowing halo home button… which I miss sorely!) so… I don’t know. Always sort of tempting but I sort of don’t want to give them any money.