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Xiaomi Notebook PC’s Pricing & Release Details Leaked

by Joe 9

With the sheer number of smartphones released every year, you would think Xiaomi is essentially a smartphone manufacturer. However, if you follow the company closely, you would know that
Xiaomi has diversified its product portfolio in a number of smart product categories such as smart air purifier, water purifier, shoes, baggage, wearables, tablets etc. Now, the company is all set to make its presence felt in the laptop market, which still haven’t seen the kind of progress that we are seeing in the smartphone industry.


For the past few months, multiple reports have revealed that Xiaomi is all set to unveil a Notebook PC in 2016. Many ODM names have come up, like Inventec and Compal who are supposed manufacture the company’s 12.5-inch and 13.3-inch notebooks respectively. However, the company is yet to officially confirm the existence, release or specs of the upcoming device.

Now, a new report originating from Taiwan states that the company’s 12.5-inch Xiaomi Notebook is slated to go into mass production by Q2 2016. The manufacturing will be taken care by the Shanghai factory of Inventec. Finally, the shipments will be ready by April 2016.


The report also gives us an idea about the possible design and pricing of the Xiaomi Notebook. It is said that the components will be supplied by Chinese makers. The overall design will be like Macbook Air with an all metal body. Finally, the pricing is said to be 2999 Yuan which comes to $470 approximately.

So, looks wise, you probably won’t be disappointed. But we still don’t know the exact specifications of the device. As for the software, it will most likely be Linux OS, which will help the company to avoid paying hefty licensing fees to Microsoft for Windows 10 OS.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have details about its larger sibling, the 13.3-inch model which is expected to be manufactured by Compal. Given the scarce amount of information available about the device at the moment, Xioami may announce this larger model after the release of the 12.5-inch one.

So, what do you think about the upcoming Xiaomi Notebook?




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  • Fox Hunter

    Way too expensive, it should be like old asus eeepc series, small, 8 to 9 inch screen. $150 max, using AMD or ARM or Huawei chips, good to hear it is running Linux instead of the spyware known as windows 10.

  • roni24

    too expensive, 220$ for 11.1 LENOVO, so for a little bigger screen, 100$ more tops

  • Birbrata Roy

    I’m long time waiting for Xiaomi Laptop

  • Muhammad Yasir

    good as long as it CAN RUN WINDOWS (pirated or genuine) and is good for GAMES !

    • David

      You can run Steam on Linuc and play more than 1700 games without spyware called Windows

      • Muhammad Yasir

        hmm… how about WITHOUT steam ?
        i mean , not everyone can buy games on steam … so if its a Physical copy of the game , then what ?

        • nmgrd

          You can ADD this copy to steam library. From which century you came here?

          • Muhammad Yasir

            same century as YOU !

            but what im saying … is that Linux is NOT for casual users ! we NEED WIN10 compatibility !

  • David

    Linux FTW