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Xiaomi Gemini Spotted Again On GeekBench, Could take On iPhone 6S

by Suhaib 3

Xiaomi Gemini was spotted for the first time back in November which was then purported to be Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship device Mi 5. Xiaomi Gemini has appeared again on the benchmarking website again with slight improvements in performance.

Xiaomi Gemini, as has been Xiaomi’s trend to name unreleased phones after the names of constellations, is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor (MSM8996) clocking 1.6 GHz coupled with 3 GB of RAM and running on Android Marshmallow out of the box.

As far as performance scores are considered last time the single core score was 2140 where as this time it is 2238 which is not much of an improvement. The multi-core score has jumped from 4762 from last time to 5174 this time showing some improvements overall. There has been a minor upgrade with Snapdragon 820 for better power management and performance.


Below is the benchmark scores image from last time Xiaomi Gemini was spotted on Geekbench for better comparison purposes.


iPhone 6S performance scores on single core and multi core are 2526 and 4396 which means that Xiaomi Gemini when released will take on iPhone 6S.

At the moment there is no further information about the specifications of this unreleased smartphone. We will update as soon as we get to know anything about Xiaomi Gemini in future.

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  • JeffreyHF

    Those results appear to have been achieved while underclocked. #sandbagging

  • wolvie

    I suggest we DO NOT any Qualcomm Snapdragon products UNTIL PROVEN that this new SD 820 CPU DON’T HAVE ANY OVERHEAT PROBLEM like its failed predecessor.

    Qualcomm always lied about their problem with Snapdragon 810. I will not trust any of their broadcast information anymore. We need a couple test hardware review from independent parties that do not have any affiliated with qualcomm.

    And also i will not buy a downclock processor. it is just so freakin’ stupid to buy high end handphone with so expensive price and yet they circumcise the processor much lower than the original spec to overcome the overheat problem.

    It s like we pay top $$$ for porche and we only got KIA Picanto performance in the end. A lot of buyers are just plain ignorant, they don’t have a clue what they buy. As long as looks premium and expensive then they though it is the best gadget that they can buy, Actually they just fuckin’ wasted their money.

    • Wolve

      Somehow my earlier post got truncated.

      I mean “I suggest we DO NOT BUY any Qualcomm Snapdragon products UNTIL PROVEN that this new SD 820 CPU DON’T HAVE ANY OVERHEAT PROBLEM like its failed predecessor”