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Oukitel K10000 Unboxing – World’s Largest 10000mAh Battery Smartphone!

by Linus 9

If you are constantly thinking your phone’s battery dies too often, there is a phone that you have probably not heard of. This is the unboxing and first impressions video about the biggest battery phone in the world – Oukitel K10000.

Oukitel K10000 Unboxing: VIDEO

Oukitel K10000: UNBOXING

IMG_6262 IMG_6265
I’ve reviewed a bunch of Oukitel phones in the past and I have to tell you that this is the most premium packaging the company has shipped their phone in so far.
Everything’s packed neatly and what you are getting in the packaging include the micro USB cable, USB OTG cable if you want to connect some external devices to the phone, a fast charging brick, SIM ejector pin, a screen protector, some documentation and last but not least a plastic phone case, which is always a nice addition to have.


IMG_6292 IMG_6287
All right, the star of the show here is the phone, which has by far the largest battery capacity of whopping 10000mAh. Oukitel declares that the phone will last you 15 days of normal usage, which has never been achieved on any smartphone. Also, it features fast charge feature and thus you can fully charge the phone in 3.5h and you can even charge other phones with the included cable.
Naturally, this capacity makes the phone thick and heavy as its thickness measures at around 14mm and it weighs below 200g but I will tell the exact official dimensions in the full review.
My initial impressions about the Oukitel K10000 are that it is built like a tank and the craftsmanship is top-notch. It just feels that the phone would probably break the wall if you throw at it and not vice versa.
We have a 5.5” 720p display, 5MP selfie shooter, non-backlit capacitive keys and some other usual stuff on the front.
The back is made of metal and rubber materials, which look really nice. As far as optics, we are looking at the 8MP camera, which can take 13MP pictures.
The sides of the phone are made of metal and they definitely add a lot of premium look and feel.
As far as other specs go, they are not that impressive but hey, this is a battery centric device after all and it costs just around $200 and I will leave a product link down in the description.
We have a quad-core MTK6735 chip, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of expandable storage and Android 5.1 is running the show.
All in all, I’ve played with the phone for a few days already and so far I’ve been impressed. I used only 7% of battery through the entire day, which is amazing.
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  • jimberkas

    battery life is impressive, no doubt. too bad about the rest of the specs and the hideous design. glad to hear that that the build quality is very good though. waiting for version 2.0

    • yeah, they could have put some better specs but they wanted to keep the price low.

  • Wolverine

    You want long battery life ? It is very simple !!!

    You just need to bundle a smartphone with an APC UPS.
    The model with 1500 watt should give your smartphone enough juice to run for 1 month straight without charging LOL

  • Mohamed Roshdi

    It is the best phone in battery life…. Great work oukitel… I have bought it and waiting for delivery

  • Ruby

    Why not just put two strips of Velcro on a 10,000 mAh Xiaomi power bank and stick it to the back of your favorite phone? This way you could just detach it and use the internal battery when not needed.

    • Thomas Hope

      It’s just a really annoying solution, basically. I don’t want to carry endless bits of stuff stuck together with velcro.


    will it explode….??????

  • John Carter

    wow 10000 mAh but heavy phone so i think Gretel GT6000 is good for me.

  • prisha

    oukitel k10000 is good smartphone but i like gretel GT6000 , because oukitel k10000 is heavy in weight and bulky. while gretel GT6000 have big screen and premium looks and have the reliable camera and excellent display.