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Ulefone Power 6050mAh Battery Test, 10-hour Asphalt 8 Expectable

by Shine Wong 2

ulefone power

Since the super-battery device Ulefone Power will only be shipped from January 16 and media does not have the device for review right now, Ulefone has made an official draining test in an effort to convince potential buyers.

ulefone power

In a video on the official Ulefone Youtube, a fully-charged Ulefone Power was engaged in the draining test where 30-minute playback of a 720P online video consumed 5% of the battery, 30-minute playing of Asphalt 8 cost another 5%, and with the double-LED torch and display on for another 30 minutes, the battery drained to 86%. Draining from 30%, the battery gave similar performance. And the final 6% of power was even able to support 33 minutes of online video. The test is enough to indicate one day of immoderate heavy use. And for light use, Ulefone claims 4 days.

The video was made not without stop since Ulefone’s DSLR needs cooling, but every single step was constant, according to Ulefone, who have released both speed-up and normal speed videos.

ulefone power

o explain why Ulefone Power has stable battery performance, Ulefone showed us how the non-replaceable Sony li-polymer battery look like. Connected to the battery, there is a tiny circuit board which houses a devoted controller chipset to make battery have stable power input and output besides offering over-current protection. With it, Ulefone Power will be free of fast draining problem that is often caused by incorrect indication from software.

Ulefone Power is now priced at USD179.99 in presales and will recover to USD199.99 on January 18.

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  • george

    Well, for 200$, I rather buy something long lasting with quality build and components. And an external power bank, both a small and a bigger one.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    review needed !