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Huawei Mate 8 Supreme Edition Launched At 6888 Yuan ($1048)

by Suhaib 5

Huawei launched Mate 8 last year among much fanfare and the phone has proved to be an incredibly successful smartphone for Huawei. But you all will be surprised to know that Mate 8 has a premium Supreme Edition variant priced at a whopping 6888 Yuan ($1046).

According to Huawei’s Product Line President, a supreme edition of Mate 8 can be the perfect gift to all the Huawei fans across the globe. Coming to this premium variant of Mate 8 it boasts of a premium package containing a Huawei’s Smartwatch with the smartphone itself comes equipped with 4GB of RAM with 128GB of internal storage.

Clearly, Huawei is trying to lure in the premium crowd with this expensive package. Both the Huawei Watch and the Mate 8 are premium devices in their respective category, with powerful specs and good looks. So, the complete package turns out to be a powerful deal, even though it costs nearly $1050!

So, what do you think? If you had $1000 to spare, would you have considered this supreme edition package?

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  • jimberkas

    Huawei is making some nice phones, but they aren’t a “premium brand”
    I do have a spare $1000 and I’d never spend it on a phone, any phone, least of all huawei.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    crazy shit !

  • BotondKisKovacs

    Good phone, nice package but that ugly “gold” color makes it look like a piece of garbage meant for douchebags who want to show off.

  • Antonie

    Uhm i was wondering , let just say some “rich” people got enough money to spend for mobile phone, now with this kind of crazy pricing, might as well they buy iphone right ?

    At least people will notice “iphone” users, but not “huawei” users LOL.

    Of course for me i will not buy expensive gadgets like this. It is just a waste of hard earned money LOL

  • Ionut Johnny

    It’s too much but if I had the kind of money I would spend it on a perfect camera phone.