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Xiaomi Mi 5’s Second Teaser Video Is Out, And Its Fast!

by Joe 3

From the previous teasers, it is certain that Xiaomi wants to portray the Xiaomi Mi 5 flagship as fast, real fast! We have already heard the tagline, “Beyond Imagination” which has been repeatedly used by the company to describe the device. Now, in the latest teaser video, Xiaomi shows Asia’s fastest speedcuber Jiayu Wang solve the Rubik’s cube.

xiaomi teaser 2

The video shows Jiayu solving the Rubik’s cube in just 7.03 seconds. Now, that’s fast! You can check out the second Xiaomi Mi 5 teaser video from here.

The title of the video goes something like “Do you think what you think of fast is fast?” Well, solving the Rubik’s Cube in just 7 seconds is just sheer talent. What’s even more impressive is that he holds the Asian record for being the fastest speedcuber, solving it in just 5.81 seconds in 2014.

Now, this was the second teaser from the company, which showcased speed. In the first video, the company brought in the record holder, Xiaomi Lin Cen, who can skip rope 1096 times in just 3 minutes. Basically, with these teasers, Xiaomi wants to redefine the meaning of fast with its Xiaomi Mi 5 handset.

We know the Snapdragon 820 chipset is fast, thanks to the various benchmark results that crop up often. However, it looks like the company is trying to even higher our expectations in terms of the performance of the device. Well, after seeing these teasers, I’m pretty excited to see the device. With SD820 and 4GB RAM, the phone should be lightening fast.

What do you think?




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  • VMortens

    It doesn’t have to be insanely fast. It just needs to be revolutionary.
    It’s gotto be stuffed with all the things other flagships are missing, or it will loose.
    Camera should be at least close to what Galaxy S6 and iP6 offer now, too.

  • Wolvie

    I do think it is time for us to re-think “what is fast ?”

    So back to the question. Most of us know Apple don’t have a better
    hardware compare to flagship android phone but why their OS always running
    smoothly ??

    First thing is i am not an apple fanboys, heck i don’t even have the money to buy apple products as they are freakin’ expensive.

    But i do love to see apple products as their hardware design are beautiful and practical. They listen carefully to their customers and try to improve better and better with their new IOS release. Their IOS also very nice, smooth, and easy to use.

    Apple support whether you like it or not is the best compare to other brands. This is the kind of “1st class support and premium feeling” that you will get if you buy apple products. Of course it come with a very high price.

    Again nothing is perfect as there are some flaws and over zealous security function enforce by apple,etc etc to make sure their customer don’t run away from apple.

    The sad news is i never see this kind of quality on android phone. Even on those premium brand like samsung, sony, huawei, etc, etc.

    • James

      Yes – I do think the “what is fast” thing needs to be looked at.

      I don’t think that holds true any more.

      A prime example I can give you is – my friend Simon, who is a techie and self-confessed Apple fan boy asked what android was like these days as he was looking for another phone to play with as he’s always worried about damaging his iPhone 6s Plus (the only Android phone he’d used was a T-Mobile G1), I said it was pretty good.

      I recommended an Mi Redmi Note 2 Prime (which is what I’d just got my girlfriend after destroying her 2nd Z9 mini in 4 months).

      He ordered one from amazon for about £140, which he thought was very cheap.

      In his words, “I can’t believe how far these have come, it’s so smooth and slick, just like iOS and it looks a bit like iOS – are they all like this these days?”

      For day to day use – with the exception of the camera and the fact he hasn’t figured out how to sync it with iTunes yet, he thinks it’s every bit as good as his iPhone. That’s a cheap mid-range phone.

      Buy something like the Sony Z5 Premium and you will get first class support from the manufacturer too.

      FWIW, I have the Nubia Z9 Max, which is an outstanding handset in every respect – I have not had cause to use Nubia customer service yet – I suspect it would not be in the league of Apple or Sony, but the build quality of the handset is every bit as good as any I have seen – even more surprising, is that the software/ROM is actually very very good too. Getting almost 2 full days from it’s 2900mah battery.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like iPhones very much (and I have an iPad and MacBook Air) – but I think there are plenty of options these days that give you the same quality experience (if not more so) at a lesser cost.