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Leaked Le 2 Images Reveal Double Sided Glass Design & New Logo

by Joe 9

Although Le Max Pro was the first smartphone with Snapdragon 820 chipset on board, users haven’t been able to get hold of the device even after nearly two months of its release. This naturally turned our attention to something that we can expect to see soon, the Le 2. The company officials have confirmed that the phone exists and will debut soon in the market.


Now, new renders of the Le 2 have emerged and for the first time we can see the rebranded LeEco logo on the back of the device. From the images, we can see that the Le 2 will feature a similar design as its predecessors. However, when it comes to the materials used for the body, it looks like the company is going to go with a double sided glass design. So, it looks like for the first time, LeEco is going to use glass instead of metal on its smartphones.

le-2-renders-02.jpg.jpegThis is even more evident from the back of the handset. We can see that the phone features a single piece of glass at the back with a cut out for the fingerprint sensor. Another interesting aspect of the phone is the new LeEco logo at the back. So, this could be the real deal.

le-2-renders-03.jpg.jpeg le-2-renders.jpg.jpeg

Remember a few days back, we had seen similar renders with the old logo. This could be a newer version of the Le 2’s design, considering the updated logo.

As for the specs, it is said that the Le 2 will come in two versions, one with Snapdragon 820 on board and the other with Helio X20 deca-core chip. You can expect a 5.7-inch 2K display up front with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage under the hood. The camera could be similar to the Le Max Pro, with a 21MP shooter at the back and a 4MP ultrapixel sensor up front. Other possible features of the device include Quick Charging, Fingerprint Sensor at the back etc.

Considering that LeEco sold the first batch of Le Max Pro smartphones at just 1999 Yuan, the Le 2 could retail for even cheaper. With the company opting for a negative profit strategy, wherein it sells its smartphones for less than cost price, we hope that LeEco Le 2 is priced aggressively at launch. Somewhere around 1799 Yuan, which comes to $276 would be perfect.

So, what do you think about these leaked images of the Le 2? Prefer the metal body or the double sided glass design?

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  • srj

    nooo I don’t think so.. it wil cost around 2699 yuan…

  • kyriakos

    how’s the firmware situation with LeEco phones? do they update regularly like Xiaomi or you are stuck with whatever it came with?

  • Elfyanlied

    For me i prefer metal. For the Privee i am not agree with you, maybe for the version with X20 but not with snapdragon 820 It is not possible at all

  • tiktaktik

    Noway they will launch it at that price. And le max pro’s actual price is not 1999 yuan. It will be atleast 2499 i guess.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    needs to be VERY cheap to succeed !

  • Guaire

    Considering Le 1 was starting from 1499 and Le 1s was 1099, worst case it gonna be Le 1, best case it gonna be priced like Le 1s.

    Le 1s was good against Redmi Note 2 even later against Note 3, but Note 3 Pro has changed the equilibrium. They can regain the upperhand on budget phablet category with a Helio X20 phone starting from 1200 yuan for 32GB/3GB.

  • greg

    It looks good , I think they are improving ,I´ll wait for the X20 version with good OS optimization

  • hamaidx

    its sux ….

  • mike49

    Would buy it for almost any price if

    – it will have multilanguage firmware support
    – NFC
    – all relevant LTE-Bands for use in Europe

    So I don’t think that I will ever buy it…