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Design, Craftsmanship, Metal unibody UMi TOUCH lift to another level

by Joe 12

For the past few days, we have been seeing reports about the upcoming smartphone from UMi called as the UMi Touch. The phone comes with a metal unibody design and the company is marketing it as your first choice of a metallic flagship. Well, the design seemed to be quite good in the pictures and from the video released by the company today, the phone also seems to be well built.

umi touch 01

From the video, we can see that the UMi Touch will come with a CNC aluminum metal body and curved edges for better grip. The phone features a front-facing fingerprint sensor embedded into the home button, which has kind of become a trend among recent smartphones.

At the back, you have the UMi branding along with the camera and the dual LED flash. All the buttons are located on the right side of the device. This seems to be the final production sample of the UMi Touch and so far it looks pretty good. As for software, we can see the phone uses a UI close to stock. But the final optimized version loaded on the retail units could have some changes.

Coming to the specs, the UMi Touch flagship comes with an octa-core processor with 3GB of RAM on board and 16GB of expandable storage. The phone looks large in the video, owing to its 5.5-inch FHD display. However, to power the device, you also get a large battery, of 4000mAh capacity.

The UMi Touch will retail for a price tag of $149.99, which is pretty aggressive. The company will officially launch the device on March 20 and you will soon be able to pre-order the device via various resellers. As for the UMi Touch X model, which will feature a bezelless display, we will have to wait for a few more weeks to get all details.

Learn more about the UMI Touch, please visit official site.


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  • bizjonny

    I am seriously dying to have this phone for myself!

    I’m not sure if I read an article right, but doesn’t it come pre-rooted?

  • Young

    UMI and their crappy phones.

  • Adam Irvine

    As long as their software guys are as good as Elephones Photoshop guys, it’ll be alright 🙂

  • dragoon

    Very nice, really

  • Pawell

    I like this full metal design

  • Igor

    Front fingerprint is genius

  • Semi

    really nice!

  • Milo

    looks like a premium made phone, i’m looking forward to see it in action!

  • Wikez

    The camera samples of this phone looked nice, now the look is killer as well, it’s shaping up as a very interesting device.

  • Sencis

    it’s really a lot of good stuff for 149$. Could be the best device umi has made so far.

  • Mohawk_975

    I’ve purchased it during flash sale, hope to put my hands on it soon.

  • Ed Dunlap

    Is this an advertisement or an article?