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Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro Edition Coming Soon

by Suhaib 11

Xiaomi Mi 5 has been launched a month back and since then Xiaomi fans have been waiting to lay their hands on for Mi 5 Pro Edition. It seems like the wait is finally going to be over.

Zhongyu Fei has stated on a micro blogging website that Mi 5 Pro Edition is on its way and will be soon up for sale.


Mi 5 Pro Edition will carry a price tag of 2699 Yuan ($416). Xiaomi Mi 5 has been a success till now with all smartphones sold out in matter of seconds in every online sale. So, it’s likely that this edition too will go out of stock soon after its release. The company is yet to announce an exact date of availability of the device, but stay tuned for more details.


Mi 5 Pro Edition will come equipped with 4GB of RAM along with 128GB of internal storage with rest of the features remaining same as the regular edition. You can read full specs of the Xiaomi Mi 5 from here.

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  • JM

    Since reading of the mediocre camera performance and less than stellar build quality, I’m not interested in this device any more.
    It’s such a shame the reality didn’t live up to the promise.
    I’ll stick with the Z9Max until a better all-rounder with dual SIM and decent amount of storage and capable camera comes along.

    • VMortens

      Not worth the hype – that’s my opinion too.
      I’m very surprised that Chinese people went so crazy to get this phone. Amount of orders there trully shocked me.

      • gennaro di sarno

        Despite Not being as good as we hoped, it still remains a good Phone with no altetnatives at the same price

    • tiktaktik

      But gsmarena review differs. It says mi5 is awesome

    • McDN

      You are pretty much wrong.
      The camera is excellent, build quality is excellent.
      This is a dream phone !!!

  • greg

    I´ll wait for the Le2 instead

  • Maczuga

    So.. the same shitty battery?

    • McDN

      What do you mean?
      Read the review in GSMarena, it gives you the the most juice, much better than S7 in battery department.

    • McDN

      What do you mean?
      Read the review in GSMarena, it gives you the the most juice, much better than S7 in battery department.

      • Maczuga

        To be honest, I do not really give a s*** about any Samsung Galaxy S4+, LG G3+, Sony at all. They all have shitty batteries comparing to for example quite old LG G2 (Snap 800 with 3000mAh – that’s the juice). 5h SoT with 20h standby is not quite impressive for me. Also, putting S820 with anything less than 3500mAh with FHD and 5,2+ screen is insta-flagship-kill for me.

        Companies used to make flagships really shiny and unique. Look at SGS2 or LG G2 many years ago. Also innovations were also there, like LG 4X HD. I made a switch one day – from Galaxy S3 to LG G2. That was a huge difference. Phones with almost the same sizes, yet LG G2 with much bigger battery capacity, bigger screen and really small for those times bezels, not even mentioning the performance upgrade.

        So – if I have to buy a new phone, which won’t last longer than my current phone, and also I won’t notice any impressive performance gain, nor any revolutions, then what’s the point?

  • erictheking87

    No DAC+amp, no-go for me. Still hoping meizu or vivo will launch powerfull 5″ phone with proper DAC+amp section.
    If not, I’ll go for LG G5 with B&O addon.