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LeEco Le 2 Should Come With An Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

by Dimitris Economou 12

Although fingerprint recognition has become mainstream in flagship phones, the vast majority of fingerprint sensors are not very accurate. Agreed that the sensors have become better in the past few years, but Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic sensor is something that wants to take fingerprint recognition to the next level.

qualcomm ultrasonic fingeprint sensor

Qualcomm’s next-generation ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is good because it can penetrate glass, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, cell phone case made of sapphire and, as the fingerprint is scanned without direct contact with the finger, it is naturally waterproof.

Currently, the only device equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint recognition is LeEco Max Pro, but it has not started selling on a wide scale (just 1000 engineering models have been sold so far). So, we haven’t been able to test how good it functions. However, next month, there will be another device equipped with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, and it is rumored that it will be LeEco Le 2. The device is said to carry Snapdragon 820, and, since Le Max Pro is using ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, Le 2 is too. 

leeco ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

This morning, the LeEco official weibo account posted a message, in an intention to warm up the company’s showing a photo of an ultrasonic sensor in action. So Le 2’s ultrasonic fingerprint recognition should be a certainty.




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  • Sam

    I get more excited about this phone everyday

    • tauerman

      But hopefully it wont be too expensive. Le 1(s) was way cheaper than the Max model

      • Sam

        Agreed. I’m hoping it’s not.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        is this the equivalent of Le2s ?

        • tauerman

          I thought so, yes.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            dint le1s cost BELOW $200 ?

            so why le2s cost so much ?

          • tauerman

            I don’t know why. But pricing isn’t final.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            i hope to see CHEAP LeEco phones too … since im YET to own a smartphone.

  • sannicks

    What’s the official announcement date or month?

    • Rameez Khan

      Well It seems like a very good device till now.Hope they delivered d top notch quality like Le1S..Price should be under $300….
      Waiting for the launch.

    • Someone

      we don’t know exactly but we can guess like usually.
      maybe 1/2 weeks after mi5 pro will come out.

      that is the reason i am waiting. i rather use 4gb 64gb ds820 than mi5 pro for 400 dollars with 128gb.
      maybe this phones will have 2 sim slots + sd card and it will be good even on 3gb of ram – worth waiting

  • Muhammad Yasir

    waiting for Le2s !