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UMi TOUCH Has A 4000mAh Big Battery For A Full Worry-free Day

by Shine Wong 27

UMi TOUCH turned out a real surprise and it easily ended up being one of the strongest recommendations we’ve made this season.

The affordable fella is made of metal, packs a 5.5 inch 1080p LTPS display, and runs on the Octa-core 3GB RAM. But the biggest highlight of its specs sheet is the beefy 4000 mAh battery.

umi touch

The UMi TOUCH has been enhanced with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow core. This version of the launcher promises significant battery life optimization.

umi touch

The life test video was done by 5hours heavy using mode and 10 hours standby mode, from 97% to 42% left. What I have done during this 5 hours? 30mins web browsing – 4% usage


30mins online video playback – 5% usage, it’s a okay number, 1 hour music playback – 8% usage, it’s reasonable, 1hour gaming – 10% usage, not bad! 30mins book reading – 4%, also quite reasonable, 1 hour wechating (Chinese what’s up) – 3%, that’s alright, nothing special 30 mins taking pictures & video recording – 10%, if you are photo shot lover, take a look at this number to see if it’s enough for you. 30mins talk time and so on –  spent about 8%, this could be better though.

umi touch

Additionally, we did another 10 hours standby, I was sleeping when testing, which is about 3% usage. So we are happy to say UMi TOUCH could easily live up to two days use! Everybody love to have a big battery smartphone, however, we don’t want to carry a “power bank” like phone all the time. UMi TOUCH has been thoughtfully designed to keep the slim body as well as a 4000mAh big battery. You no longer need to choose between big battery or beautiful design body. In this case, you can have both with UMi TOUCH!

umi touch

Know more about UMi TOUCH check here:


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Gearbest ($158.99)

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  • The stand-by time is not too impressive: my Japanese Sharp AQUOS phone goes from 100% to 99% when I wake up eight hours later, AND it doesn’t even have Marshmallow’s Doze feature since it’s still running Android 4.4. The most impressive thing? It also averages two days of usage, but “only” has a 2,600 mAh battery. What probably helps is the efficient display (IGZO), built-in eco sleep feature similar to Doze, and lots of hardware-software optimizations, which are more important than just throwing in a big battery. It seems many phone makers from China are extending battery life by brute force without spending the effort to optimize their skin and hardware designs.

    • tauerman

      I hope you talk about the Sharp Aquos Crystal X and not the Sharp Aquos Phone SH80F

  • Nichodemus

    Have developers incorporated quick charging property in UMI TOUCH? Anyone with a clue…

    • oooae

      I read that Touch is not with quick charging.But charging is faster than normal phone.

      • Nichodemus

        Are we making an assumption here that Li-polymer battery, which the phone is loaded with, charges faster than Li-ion one by default?

  • Uri

    I already bought Touch. I am waitting my Touch. I am glad that the battery can support a full worry-free day! I will not afraid that my battery is not enough again!

    • Inti Energia

      I am work for UMI. I paid for putting favorable comments about UMI Touch on internet. I will not afraid that they are paying me too little.

  • hivir

    i saw some smartphone with 6000 mah or more. i don’t know if it’s necessary?

    • Ben

      I have same question before. i read some posts and articles. I think 4000 mah is enough for normal guy one day. 6000 mah also can support one day, but cannot support two days,it’s wired and heavy.

    • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

      The better the best

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    I’m already using 6.0 on my K3 Note and no significant battery life increase compared to 5.1

  • Jony

    Oh my God, It’s so beautiful, I would like to purchase this phone for my girlfriend, which must be a big surprise, where can I buy it?

    • Inti Energia

      Just ask your employers!

      • jimberkas

        Haha, this guy gets it! Nice work and thanks for the laughs

  • gelete

    Wow, great phone!. Is the best new seeing the amazing features included on this phone. Having a big capacity battery with these features is essential. I think that with 4000mAh battery you can pass all the day withiut problem using phone normally

    • Inti Energia

      Please you don’t have to restrain yourself here with such tepid praise! Let yourself go and don’t worry so much about appearing objective.

      • gelete

        Then, I can’t post my opinion, I only should post your opinion. Let people give their opinions. Or is not possible to have a good opinion about this phone? I don’t understand your answer……

  • Inti Energia

    Shine, just for the sake of appearances, could you please put a little effort into making your articles seem less like a paid advertisement?

  • Igor

    Seems to be true

  • Supa woop

    Nothing unique in this phone, except price. 150usd it’s quite good for this specs.

  • Semi

    very nice! waiting for a review of it.

  • Milo

    This phone could have everything I need, keeping an eye on it!

  • Wikez

    If the camera is as good as shown in sample shoots, this could be a best buy for such a price!

  • Sencis

    I’ve bought one during flash sale, seems an hell of a nice piece of technology so far, hope they can ship it soon!

  • Nichodemus

    Are we making an assumption here that Li-polymer battery, which the phone is loaded with, charges faster than Li-ion one by default?

  • Nichodemus

    And what type of glass does it have on the screen? I hope it’s the scratch resistant one.