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Ulefone Vienna Camera head-to-head with Samsung S7 Edge

by Dimitris Economou 8

Two weeks back, we told you about the unveiling of Ulefone Vienna that had been teased by the company at the MWC ’16, featuring great audio capabilities with the NXP Smart Audio PA Hi-Fi chip.

Well, that’s not the only ace Ulefone has up its sleeves. Apart from audiophiles, the Ulefone Vienna is coming to satisfy passionate photographers as well. Carrying a 13MP Panasonic MN34150 sensor on its back, Ulefone Vienna can become one of the best camera phones on the market at its price group. To add to that, Ulefone has released a small comparison between the Vienna and the S7 Edge which is consider to have one of the best cameras on the market.

While it is clear that S7 Edge has a big advantage with OIS featured on the device, Ulefone manages to compete in some areas where the S7 Edge seems to have some flaws. For example, the Samsung flagship may give back better color reproduction and better resolution on distant objects, but there is a sawtooth effect on the edges of objects, something that Ulefone Vienna manages to smooth out. Another sector that the Vienna manages to overcome is the exposure: Notice how a perfectly black car becomes a little greyish on the S7 Edge but remains perfectly black on Ulefone Vienna?

Now, if anyone noticed a purple tint on the asphalt in the Vienna video, the company has stated that it is a software problem and it will be addressed before the delivery begins.

So, featuring HiFi chipset, sharp display, excellent camera and 32GB ROM, Ulefone Vienna is presold for USD169.99 until April 12. Would you buy it?




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  • VMortens

    And you’ve already declaired it an “excellent camera” basing only on producers video??
    Good job Dimitris!

    • Steve B

      Does actually appear to be pretty good, being a very decent Panasonic sensor. Strange though they chose to put it in an audio centric phone, not a camera one.

      • VMortens

        Does actually appear like we still know absolutely nothing. We are talking about camera here, not about sensors!
        There’s absolutely no reason to call it good, or bad. Therefore, there is even less reasons to call it ‘excellent’. And you my naive friend are another “smart” boy, if you judge the camera by technical parameters on the paper and by producer’s marketing materials. You get excited like a little boy in front of a cookie shop display.
        I can provide you a huge list of phone cameras with more than decent sensor, but producing piece-of-shite-like photos. I bet you can think of some too.

        • Steve B

          There are samples out there. idiot.

          • VMortens

            Spare the invectives for your family home, you must have soaked with it there.
            Only samples provided are the ones from the manufacturer my naive boy. It could even be ones made with SLR camera and presented as made by this phone – as it happened in the past.
            And you only point out the sensor, which showes not only how naive you are, but your teen mentality, too.

          • Steve B

            grow up

    • Dimitris

      Sorry for the delayed answer. IF you read the article more carefully, you’d have read this:
      “Ulefone Vienna can become one of the best camera phones on the market at its price group.” Notice the last two words.

  • andrea

    Hi Dimitris, I’ve an old s3, I’m interested how it works radio module and if camera works better than s3 in every conditions, do you have Vienna in your hands? which your opinion? thanks. andrea