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Meizu Pro 6 Price To Be As High As Galaxy S7 Edge?

by Joe 24

After waiting for about a week, Meizu will finally unveil the Pro 6 flagship tomorrow at an event in Beijing. The phone has been making the rumor rounds for the past one month, and we already know a lot of details about the device. But when it comes to Meizu Pro 6 price tag, we are still unsure. Rumors say that the phone won’t be cheap, and we could be seeing it in the 3000 Yuan range ($465).

While we still have no official information on the Pro 6’s price, Meizu’s VP, Li Nan, like always, have given us a clue, at least that’s what we think.

li nan meizu

This afternoon, Li Nan posted something on his official Weibo page. Nothing unusual about the post, except that it was sent using the Galaxy S7 Edge. To those unfamiliar with Weibo, you can see the device that was used to post the message on his/ her account, which is what some sharp fans managed to point out.

When asked, why use Samsung instead of Meizu, Li Nan replied by saying that he naturally couldn’t hang out with the Pro 6 in hand. So, he decided to take a similarly priced product, namely the Galaxy S7 Edge.

meizu pro 6 back

Now, is Li Nan hinting that the Pro 6 is priced close to S7 Edge? If that’s the case, then expect the Meizu Pro 6 to retail at 5000 Yuan ($773). Well, that would be just too high. Even HTC was smart enough to price its new HTC 10 at $700 which less than what we initially expected.

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To be honest, $773 for Meizu Pro 6 is just too far-fetched. So, we better wait for the official Pro 6 price tag revealed by the company tomorrow. If earlier rumors are to be believed, it should be anywhere around $460.


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  • roni24

    for Helio X25 it should be below 300$, its not SD820
    it has Mali-T880 MP4 and not MP8, and its not Adreon 530
    So forget about it

    • roni24

      300$ in china means 360$ for international- 20% profit for reseller

      • tauerman

        plus ~20%VAT
        So for international about 40-50% more.

    • balcobomber25

      You do realize price is determined by a lot more than the CPU/GPU?

  • Karly Johnston

    It has a really weak gpu, no more than $250.

    • balcobomber25

      Yup because the GPU is the only thing that determines cost….

      • Karly Johnston

        Any phone using MTK is budget oriented. If they want to command premium prices they will use Snapdragon or Exynos.

        • balcobomber25

          MTK has budget, midrange and premium phones. Qualcom has budget, midrange and premium phones. You personally don’t like MTK but they make some excellent chips.

          • Karly Johnston

            MTK is just fine for the lower mid-range. The X10 destroyed the 615 in the same price bracket last year. With the 650 series out with a stronger gpu than MTK is using, they don’t offer competition except at lower price tiers. Your fanboism is blinding you to the reality MTK is a budget SoC manufacturer.

          • balcobomber25

            I am not a fan boy of any SoC company, I like them all. You’re hatred of MTK is blinding you from reality. The X25 is comparable to both the SD820 and Exnyos 8890.

          • Karly Johnston

            If you think the X25 is comparable to the 820 and 8890 your MTK fanboism is absolute.

          • balcobomber25

            If you don’t think it is your biased hatred is absolute. Let’s look at the Geekbench results for the X20 (slightly weaker than X25), 820 and Exnyos and see how close they are in terms of performance:

            Mediatek Helio X20 – 2094 (single core), 7037 (multi core)
            Samsung Exnyos 8890 – 2180 (single), 6395 (multi)
            Qualcomm SD820 – 2282 (single), 5946 (multi)

            As for the GPU according to my good friend realjjj:

            “On the GPU side, when the going gets tough and you play demanding games more than 10 mins SD820 loses any and all advantages in perf. The lowest i have seen SS820’s GPU ( so far) is at 214MHz, down from the advertised 624MHz, that’s 65+% down. In the same game the Kirin 950 was down from 900MHz to 600MHz so lost only 1/3 of the perf.”

            For the X25:
            “On the GPU side the perf is close enough. The key will be how it throttles, would be hard to match Kirin in sustained perf but maybe, just maybe not impossible if they manage the cores better- especially in gaming, forcing the game on the smaller cores could give them enough room”

            The only thing you have is your clear bias and hatred for Mediatek. Also the reason Meizu went with Mediatek is because it has much better network support than Exnyos. Network support is also part of the SoC.

  • The Calm Critic

    You’d have to be clinically insane to pass over S7/Edge or Nexus 6P for this at $700 nuff said.

    • balcobomber25

      I think you have to be clinically insane to pay $700 for any phone, but to each their own. Personally I wouldn’t pay $70 for a Samsung phone.

      • The Calm Critic

        Kinda jumped the gun there eh I wouldn’t pay 700 for any either. Point being even more so for a Meizu comparatively? They got great hardware I’d give ’em that but after sales well…good luck when even Samsung’s passable rate at best.

        • balcobomber25

          Having used both I would take Meizu over Samsung any day. My wife uses Samsung phone, they have some of the worst after sales service I have ever dealt with. From a software point of view Flyme is miles ahead of Touchwiz in both function and updates.

          • Millet Air Purifier (Mi-Fan)

            Had the same issues with Samsung after sale service, I dont understand whjy people suddenly start to hat chinese phones as soon as they get as expensive as “Western” “Good Quality” brands

          • balcobomber25

            My wife and I both had issues with the display on our phones. Hers was a S6, mine was a Mi4. We took hers to a “local” Samsung service center. I use the term in parenthesis because what we found out is that particular local center ships their repairs out to another center. It ended up costing close to $150 to fix hers and it took about 2.5 weeks to get it back. This was after a few hours arguing with a useless Samsung support team that blamed us for everything that went wrong instead of trying to help us.

            My Mi4, I emailed Xiaomi’s support team describing the issue. Sent it Fedex to their Singapore facility and had it back in about a week. Total cost for me: $40 for shipping both ways. It was quick and painless.

          • Millet Air Purifier (Mi-Fan)


          • balcobomber25

            No I was in Thailand. But at that time Thailand wasn’t an official Xiaomi country (they are now). They never even asked about where I bought and whether I bought it officially (I didn’t). The only thing they asked for was a few serial numbers to check to make sure it was an authorized Xiaomi phone. Once that was verified we made arrangements to send it out.

      • Millet Air Purifier (Mi-Fan)

        I am really hyped for the Pro 6, the only time I had fly me was as custom rom on my Ele P6000, but it was really nice. I hope they deliver something nice

  • DC

    It’s akin to digging their own grave…….

  • Wolvie

    Hmm looks like Meizu now also start to follow their bigger arrogant china vendor like Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Gionee,etc that selling their gadget at premium price (Read : Darn expensive price).

    If same spec and price as samsung or nexus then why i want to buy Meizu ????

    The reason why people want to buy china smartphone because they sell much cheaper compare thoe premium brands with same or even better hardware. Especially i prefer Xiaomi because their build quality is good, very cheap price, and their software update also very good and quite frequent updated.

    • Millet Air Purifier (Mi-Fan)

      Meizu has same quality as say samsung or other “High-quality”-Brands (Look at horrible build quality of LG G5 costs 600$ and has various issues). I would never pay more than 50$ for a nexus phone, as these are some of the worst quality phones I know (and who likes ugly stcok android?)