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Xiaomi Max, Pro official Weibo accounts appear online

by Dimitris Economou 2

After the rice cooker, Xiaomi seems to have to prepared another batch of new products, at least on Weibo for now.

Xiaomi Renaming

This afternoon, @XiaomiMax, an official Xiaomi Weibo account appeared online so it is seemed that a new product was on the way.

Later on, more accounts appeared with names like @XiaomiPro, @XiaomiBig and @XiaomiBigPlus so it is very probable that Xiaomi has planned a big product line renaming in the future and just created these accounts now to make sure the usernames will be available at that time.

Xiaomi Renaming Xiaomi Renaming Xiaomi Renaming



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  • Karly Johnston

    Interesting to see how they top Mi5. This has been a great year for Xiaomi with Mi5 and Note 3 Pro.

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      In Xiaomi Forum it says:
      Currently there are 4 choices pending in our list : Mi Max, Mi Pro, Mi Plus and Mi Big. Which name do you like the most and tell us why. We’ll share more details on the new device on this forum so please stay tuned