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Photos shot with Meizu Pro 6: Crazy night shots!

by Dimitris Economou 10

Meizu M3 Note, the 1,000 Yuan device got a lot of praises. So did Meizu Pro 6 but the commends were not as exciting. It certainly has many highlights such as ultra narrow bezels, 3D Press touch, excellent build quality, deca-core Helio X25 SoC etc, but on the other hand its carries a relatively small battery of 2560mAh, no LPDDR4 memory and no UFS storage along with almost the same camera sensor as last year and the high price of 2500 Yuan reduced the excitement.

meizu pro 6 official 01

Speaking of the camera, the sensor has been fully customized by Meizu to reduce its thickness by 14% in order to fit in the thin body without being too much raised.

The sensor has not changed from last year’s Pro 5 (Sony Exmor RS IMX230), a 21.1MP , six lens, F /2.2 sensor but it is now combined with a 10 LED ring shaped True-Tone flash module, phase-detection focusing time is reduced to 0.07 seconds, the laser autofocus increased 400% (up to 2 meters).

Meizu also developed its own image algorithms (the mostly important part of a camera apart from the sensor) to optimize the color saturation, white balance, glare control and other stuff in order to achieve the best result.

The front shooter also remained at 5MP, five-piece lens F/2.0 aperture, but pixel size increased to 1.4 microns , 56% bigger than previous generations. Meizu upgraded the image processing engine and FotoNation 2.0 intelligent beauty algorithm refactoring the internal circuit and also moved the lens in the middle of the top.

At the presentation, Meizu showed off some photos taken with the device and later on posted some more on its official site and Weibo account that look impressive. What do you think?


Pro 6 Samples Pro 6 Samples Pro 6 Samples Pro 6 Samples Pro 6 Samples

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  • Muhammad Yasir


  • Karly Johnston

    Can’t zoom once without seeing pixilation. These aren’t even crop worthy.

  • VMortens

    Overexcited Dimitris one more time …
    Where are these crazy night shots?? I only see one and it’s provided by manufacturer from their marketing materials – its’ authenticity is not obvious to me at all.
    F/2.2 (btw. it’s no sensor, it’s aperture size!!!) tells me there actually isn’t a chance for ‘crazy night shots’ but Dimitris knows better judging only by one shit-worthy shot from producer’s marketing materials …
    Who is this guy?? Is he paid by the re-sellers sponsoring the website? His so called ‘knews’ remind me exactly about the notes re-sellers place in the mobile phones forums…

    • balcobomber25

      The MX5 has an f/2.2 and it is capable of some pretty incredibly photos including in low light. In fact my MX5 takes better night shots than my wifes Galaxy S6 with f/1.9. Aperture is important but there are other factors to great shots.

      • VMortens

        I watched many samples already and I can easily say that on most of occassions S6 and S7 will squeez more of the shady and low ligt situations. It doesn’t mean MX5 is bad in this field, but in my opinion definately behind Samsung.
        Keeping this in mind I’d say it’s way too early to judge the camera in the new not tested product, judging by only one (sic!) sample of unconfirmed origin (Sammy used to use SLRs to make photos then presented as from their mobiles, I have no doubts others do that too).

        This guy used to do that in the past and his every news sounds like posts the re-sellers post on mobile forums. Enough is enough.
        Unless they do sponsor the website, but to be fair, entries like that should be clearly marked.

        • balcobomber25

          Actually using both in hand I take the MX5 over the S6 and the S7 over both of them.

          • VMortens

            Stop messing with my mind! 🙂
            I actually am quite angry at Chinese producers because they practically avoided the camera subject. After watching tons of samples, reading myriads of opinions, I’ve decided to get Galaxy S6 (S7 is bit too expensive still). Now you’re actually saying you would take MX5 … Hope you’re talking about the camera only, because I am aware what Flyme is and prefer it over TouchWiz too. I really want to eventually have a phone camera that copes well with low lights.
            Now you’re waking old doubts in me.

          • balcobomber25

            I have an MX5 my wife had and S6 (we just got her an S7). Here is how I would compare them:

            Display: S6 looks slightly better and is a bit brigther
            Camera: MX5
            Audio: MX5
            Design: This one is subjective I prefer the metal build of the MX5
            Battery: MX5, the S6 was terrible on battery life
            Software: MX5. To me Touchwiz is one of the worst UI’s available.
            Fingerprint Scanner: S6
            Build Quality: MX5

            As for Chinese companies Huawei is doing some amazing things with cameras working with Leica, but they are crazy expensive.

          • VMortens

            Keep thinking about S7 too.
            I had high hopes re-Meizu 6 Pro, but it looks a bit like dissapointment. Love Meizu, love Flyme – bought my daughter M2 and she stuffed it with loadz of shite. That tiny thing with really poor SoC doens’t give a damn about the tons of crap and keeps working crazy fast and smooth. I just wanted Meizu for myself.
            On the other hand – forums are full of ocassional Flyme problems with notifications from different apps – so it’s not ideal.
            Still, I want it. It has great camera, but I especially remember the comparison in night photos Andi did between MX5 and others and Meizu didn’t impress there.

            I saw the specs of 6 Pro and my first thought was – it’s exactly same camera as in MX5.
            Well – I’ll wait for first reviews and some serious feedback.

            BTW. Was in contact with a tester from a big Polish website having access to all new phones for reviews and she compared the new P9 by Huawei to S7 – told me that indeed S7 squeezes mooore of the darkness. She will publish the comparison soon, maybe M10 will already be added to that too.

            Maybe Linus or Andi will get us a comparison like this sooner?

  • balcobomber25

    I take manufacture provided shots with a grain of salt but the shadows in the second picture look incredible. Reproducing accurate shadows is something a lot of smartphone cameras struggle with.