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Xiaomi to introduce new devices?

by Dimitris Economou 8

Not too long ago, we informed you about the poll that Xiaomi made for the name of its new “large” device.

Today, rumors spread on Weibo that Xiaomi will be bringing not one, but two devices, one of which will be equipped with a dual camera setup, as a few of rival companies have already done.

xiaomi mi note 2

The report says that these devices will be equipped with Helio X20 SoC and a 5.5″ display (one with dual camera setup) but it’s unknown if they will be placed in the Xiaomi Note series or there will be a new product line.

Users that “leaked” the news, claimed that the message comes from Longcheer ODM, for which Xiaomi holds 20% of its shares.

Of course, all this is just rumors, so take it with a grain of salt.


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  • XiaomiLover

    Why…..Why still use mediatek x20 ?
    Could it be better if using Snapdragon 652 ?

    • balcobomber25

      It will probably cheaper for them to use the X20 and also the X20 is more powerful than the 652.

      • tauerman

        Really? I thought the SD652 has a better GPU.
        Is the CPU part better on the X20 then?

        • balcobomber25

          CPU is better on paper, until we get some test units we really can’t say.

          • Shashank

            you sound like a Doctor lolz

  • balcobomber25

    Hopefully they ditch the hideous design and horrendous black borders of the Mi5.

    • Black borders add contrast to an image, it’s the reason tv manufacturers still have borders. Without a black border the eye does not see them as vividly.

  • zupatami

    try MIUI Tweaks from Play Market for any Xiaomi phone. It is the pure magic! =)